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133t : "elite" The following are some common letter equivalents used in the online gaming pidgeon version of the geek 'elite speak'. ex. U 1UZ3R (You Loser) key: 0 = O, 4 = A, 3 = E,7 = T,1 = L,8

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3rd Party Map : A map made by someone other than Bungie. [a reader informed me that a 1st party map would be a map created by bungie for internal use, a 2nd party map is one created by bungie for external use, and a

AAK : "Asleep at Keyboard"

Abstract art : a large collection of blood stains and body parts on the ground. A by-product of most large battles.

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Acer Malum Magnus : The Trow to whom Ewan spoke when recording Trow habits for Antero's Bestiary.

Admin : Admins, or administrators, were found on bungie.net with an admin "tag" in the background of their name. They were the individuals who kept order on the server and whom one made complaints about cheat

ADT (Alien Dark Tide) : Alien Dark Tide, a total conversion for Myth II based on the Alien movie(s).

AFAIK : "As far as I know"

AFK : "Away from keyboard" (usage example: A game on bungie.net might be called "Mario's Game - AFK Leave a message". This means that this person (probably "mario") is away from his computer, and is bas

AI : "Artificial Intelligence" (used to describe the behavior of enemy units in solo maps that makes the enemy appear to act intelligently)

Air : Air units are long-range, low-damage missle units (Read: archers and souless). Their main purpose is to protect infantry from heavy artillery and to do damage to enemy infantry without engaging them.

AKA : "Also Known As"

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Albrecht : King of the Dwarves. (during the SB years)

Allow Veterans : a game option that allows players to use troops that have gained experience in solo playing. This can lead to very unequal games which can strip out the strategy and challenge of winning against ident

Alric : One of The Nine, former (human) King of the Southern Provinces.

Alric : One of The Nine, former King of the Southern Provinces. An Avatara of years past, Alric is the only surviving member of the Nine sorcerers who opposed the Fallen Lords during the Great War. Alric recl

alt tab : Computer shortcut that lets you switch from your current application to others that are currently launched and running in the background. To alt-tab in Myth on a Macintosh type 'shift+ctrl+

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Ambient Life : Peasants/Villagers, birds, deer, spiders, and other life that are not controlled by players or the game AI.

Andir : A young boy, the unfortunate star of the Myth II prologue.

Andvari : A Dwarven Hero, who helped the Deceiver defeat Shiver.

Antero : Author of Antero's Bestiary, and master of Ewan.

Archer : Archers are human fighters who use the bow and arrow for long-range attacks, and a pretty ineffective dagger when forced into hand-to-hand combat. They also have a special attack of a fire-arrow which

Artillery (or "Arty") : A general term for ranged units, but more most commonly refers to dwarves (cocktail-throwing and mortar) [Thanks to jj/lophan for this definition] The main purpose of heavy artillery is to do massive

asap : "As Soon as Possible"

ASCII or High ASCII : Text that uses characters other than the standard a-z. Most often seen in nearly inscrutable player names when playing online. To some, ascii names appear to be badges used to demonstrate one's elite

Ass : abbreviation for the Myth 2 game type "Assassin"

Assassin : A competitive game where the goal is to protect a defined unit from harm and target(kill) your opponents protected units. The type of unit (target) you are to protect varies from map to map. On some m

Avatara : Powerfull magic users on the side of the Light.

b'Y'laggo : The profane elemental sprit worshipped by the bre'Unor.

b4 : "before"

Bagrada : Southernmost of the three passes across the Cloudspine range, Bagrada is a network of dead ends and box canyons that connect the Plain of Scales with Forest Heart. Countless battles have been waged he

Bahl'al : A Fallen Lord, likely the Watcher's true name.

bail : Quiting in the middle of a game (often because the player is losing).

bailer : One who bails. Or, a player, who, losing or lost, quits out of a game to avoid a low or last-place finish [in ranked Myth play] (thanks to CoV for the definition)

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Balin : A Dwarven Pathfinder who recaptured the ancestral Dwarven capital of Myrgard, and fathered Jari, another Pathfinder.

Ball Contested : "Ball Contested" is an automatic in-game announcement given when when 2 or more teams are close enough to tag a ball in a game of Steal the Bacon, Captures, Parade of Balls, or Scavenger Hunt. The fl

Balls on Parade : Game whose goal is to protect your own ball and gather up those of your opposition. Whoever possesses the most balls at the end of the game wins. You will need both fast units to spirit away your frie

Balmung : Balmung is the name of King Alric's magical sword, which shoots forth lightning to all adjacent to it when swung. In Norse mythology, there are legends of a sword called Nothung, or Gram. Gram was

Balor : Once known as Connacht, great hero of the Wind Age, Balor returned wearing the mantle of the Leveller to lead the armies of the Dark during the Great War. Chief (and Leader) among the Fallen Lords, he

Baron Kildaer : The Baron came to power ten years ago, appearing out of nowhere. With the aid of his brigand cohorts, he laid claim to Keep Kildaer and the surrounding lands.

Barrier, The : Desert east of the Cloudspine Mountains. This area used the be the fertile Empire of the Cath Bruig, but was put to the torch and blighted after the passing of the armies of the Dark fifty years ago.

Battle Awareness : An overall term used to describe an awareness of more than the immediate situation of a player's units in game - e.g the general in-game awareness concerning team trades, player positioning, unit pos

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bbl : "be back later"

BC : Body Count (see below), a Myth game type.

Berserks (aka Berzerks, Berzerkers) : Berzerk(ers) are a race of fierce northern warriors. They move and attack very quickly. Think "Braveheart".

bg : "Bad Game". Not nice to say at the end of a game, even if you were ganged up on, your opponents cheated and the host caused major laggage for everyone except him/herself.

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blind : Playing a net(multiplayer) game with the overhead-map turned off. [Since playing with the map off means you can't see enemies approaching on the overhead map you are playing "blind"]

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Blowie-Uppy-Guys : Name given to Wights when the person can't remember what they are called.

BNA (extinct) : Bungie Net Administrator(s). Administrators of Bungie net

Body Count : Game whose goal is to kill everyone else. Whoever kills the most of his/her opponents wins. Which units you use depends on whether your style is to make a defensive stand or probing raids on your oppo

boot : verb, to kick someone out of a game. (e.g. "If you don't stop being such a lamer, I am going to boot you!")

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bop : Balls on Parade, see "Balls on Parade" above.

Bowmen (of the Province) : Humans (of the Province) trained in the art of the bow.

brb : "Be right back"

bre'Unor : Ancient enemies of the fir'Bolg, native to the Ermine. They can command Wolves thanks to the profant elemental spirit b'Y'laggo, who they worship.

BreUnor : Bre'Unor from Myth 2 This unit has both medium range and melee attacks.

Brigand : Brigand from Myth 2 The best damn fodder unit out there.

Brigands (and Dark Archers) : Corrupt Humans serving the Dark to further their own wealth and desire.

bs : Bullshit. Untrue statements. (sometimes bs means "backstab" = cheap ploy)

btw : "by the way"

Bumrush : When you bumrush your troops, you give them very vague orders to attack. After they join battle you let them pick their own targets and you don't control them explicitly or as individuals. Sometimes a

Bungie : The software company that created both Myth:The Fallen Lords, and Myth2:Soulblighter. Say the name only in the most reverent of tones.

Bungie.net : The place where Myth players could always find other people to play games with online. Bungie.net's somewhat erratic existence since their purchase by Microsoft has left a looming question - "What is

Callieach : An extinct race, very powerfull enemies of the Trow. They created the Great Devoid.

Camping : This describes the inactivity of a player who is just sitting around, trying to avoid any confrontations until s/he is ready to fight. Camping is most often seen in Last Man on The Hill games, where t

cap, capt, captain : the player selcted (by design or randomly) who controls the dissemination of units to other team members and organizes battle orders during a multiplayer game.

Caps Lock : When the CAPS-LOCK key is depressed it displays the health of all a player's units.

Caps, Captures : Competitive game where the goal is to possess the most balls. A mix of offensive and defensive units will allow effective collection of balls and a sturdy defense against reclamation assaults. Speed i

capt : "captures"

Carpet Bombing : A technique that uses fetch and dwarves together to propel dwarven bottles great distances. "Carpet Bombing" occurs only in Myth I, in Myth II the bug that caused it has been fixed. Supposedly it is m

Casualty Calls : Those annoying, often embarrassing but always informative yells when our friendly Bungie Narrator tells us "Casualty" as one of our units returns to the Cyberspace from whence he came. [description by

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cc : "close combat", e.g. Combat involving units that have to fight up close and personal without missle or long distance weapons.

Ceiscoran : A former emperor of the Cath Bruig.

Celeste : This is the designation given the eight highest ranked Myth players on a myth game server. [From the highest to the lowest celest: Comet, Sun, Eclipsed Sun, Moons (2), Crescent Moons (3)]

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Chain Lightning : In TFL, chain lightning was something (a bug) a highly skilled player could control. Basically it was a combination of a ctrl-click on the ground then a very fast click on a distant enemy unit. Done

Changelings : Magically reanimated dead trees, powered by the profane elemental spirit b'Y'laggo.

Chat : "Chat" is a feature that allows players to communicate in-game. Like other non-Myth chat applications, in-game 'chat' is text-only. Players can 'whisper' (chat only to teammates) or 'yell' (chat to e

check : Check up (hit your "ready button") : When you are in the pregame lobby waiting for a game to start, the host can't start until all the players have 'checked in' (or 'checked up') by clicking the 'Read

cheeta, ch33ta, cheater : "Cheater", A player who cheats before, during, or after a game.

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cheetz, ch33tz : "cheats". verb. ex, "OMG that player ch33tz!"

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Chicken Berel : Killer of near-flightless birds.

Chicken Dump : Ever join a game (especially a team game) and have the host dump you right into the game before you can even blink? Bet he didn't even set any planning time for your team either. Remember how that mad

Chickens : Near-flightless birds, often used for meat and feathers, which can be found roaming various countrysides.

CK (Chain Kicking) : Chain kicking was a combination of a ctrl-click on the ground then a very fast click on a distant enemy unit. Done correctly the kick would then travel the huge distance to the enemy unit. I onc

CK (Chain Kicking) : Chain kicking was a combination of a ctrl-click on the ground then a very fast click on a distant enemy unit. Done correctly the kick would then travel the huge distance to the enemy unit.

CL : Chain Lightning (see definition above)

Clan : a group of Myth players that band together to form a team or a cadre of players for tournaments (see also Order)

Cloudspine Mountains : Mountain range in the central continent, which runs north and south. There are only three passes across the Cloudspine - Bagrada, The Stair of Grief and Seven Gates.

Clovis : The first Emperor of the Cath Bruig

Clumping : One of the improvements from Myth TFL to Myth 2 caused units to 'clump' up when a a large group of units are involved in a battle. Unless trying to trap a large fast unit like a Trow, smart players

COD : Coming of the Dark

Comfort : Yet another small town outside of Madrigal.

Commonly Used Bungie.net terms and phrases : Commonly used bungie.net terms and

Comp (aka Competitive Games) : short for "Competitive". Other names for this kind of game are: "multiplayer" (because you can't play a competitive game by yourself) and "free-for-all"(ffa) - because it's every one for oneself. Comp

Coop : short for "Cooperative". Used to describe the type of game in which people in theory at least share the same goal of working together to complete a level. Coop is the opposite of Comp. Maps that coop

Covenant : Once a major city of The Province, Covenant was sacked and destroyed fifteen years ago by the Dark.

Cratered : when a player sends a wight and kills a large number of another players units.

Crow's Bridge : A small town outside of the major city of Madrigal.

crown : 3 highest bungie.net ranks after celestes (emp, king and then prince).

Cruniac : Commander of the Journal Writer's patrol in the beginning of Myth II, who died at the hands of Soulblighter

CTF : Abbreviation for "Capture the Flag", a competitive game where each team tries to capture the (stationary) flags of the other team(s) while preventing other teams from capturing one's own flag. If a pl

cu : "see you"

Cu Roi : One of The Nine, who enlisted the aid of the Forest Giants in the eighteenth year of the Great War, and died freeing the Legion from the Tain.

cya : "see ya"(you)

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d : quick way to type 'defense'

Damas : The true name of Soulblighter.

dance/dancing : Working a unit toward attacking souless or archers by weaving it forward between the anticipated barbs and arrows.

Dari : Someone who's twenty big ones in debt. (ingame dialogue on Myth II Level 7, Beyond the Cloudspine mentions this name)

dark : term used to describe the troops commonly thought of as the "bad guys", e.g. thrall, wights, ghols, fetch, mauls, etc.

dbl : double/doubled/double-teamed - two players both attacking the same 3rd player

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DE : appreviation for "Drowned Empire", a multiplayer map on Myth II

Death March : Maybe you bumrushed. Maybe you were in a hurry. Maybe you had no other choice. For whatever reason, your infantry (usually your Thrall - it's simply their tendency) Death Marched single file like ants

deathmatch : a game variant that can be chosen for any game, though usually found in Body Count games. In this misnamed game variant, as soon as a troop is killed it magically re-appears at the location it started

ded : "dead"

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Deer : Timid and harmless woodland creatures, the Deer are a favored hunting target. [On the hidden Myth 2 level A Long Awaited Drinking Party(ALADP) Bungie pokes fun at the plethora of hunting games popular

Dire Marsh : "Death in the Dire Marsh", a multiplayer map for Myth: TFL

DK : Abbreviation for Drowned Kingdom, a multiplayer map on Myth II

dmg : "damage" (inflicted and received. official dmg stats are visible at end of multiplayer net games)

dogboys : Ghols.

dong : v. To destroy or ruin. n. Something really cool. Bellendaine: ruiner donged those fetch like a big dog Farin: ruiner is the dong! Visigoth: he was wol with his pplz Case: What are you people ta

dorf, duff : slang for Dwarf., (plural is dorfs). Often mistyped as Dorgs.

Double-click : Double-clicking a player-controlled unit selects all units of that type. If a player unit(s) is selected then an enemy unit is double-clicked the player unit(s) will attack enemy units of only that t

drop : (also 'Dropping') To 'drop' is to leave a multiplayer game before it has ended. The drop can be caused by technical problems (ex. a person's computer loses it's internet connection, or lags so badly

dropper : a player who disconnects from a ranked multiplayer game in an attempt to avoid coming in last place.

duff : Dwarf

Dummy, Dummying : A "dummy" account is an account that is used to either hide a player's identity or impersonate another player. "Dummying" is the act of using a dummy account.

dunno : "I don't know"

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Durak : Someone who fought alongside Twelve Motion Jeweled Skull

Dwarf : Dwarves are a short, surly race of bearded explosives experts. Their molotov cocktails are devastating, but they have no hand-to-hand (melee) attack so are useless in close combat. As they wear no arm

Dwarven Football : This is a version of Steal the Bacon where each player can use only Dwarves, Thrall and Wights. Whoever controls the ball at the beginning (or first) must "kick off". To "kick off" one lays satchel ch

Dwarves : A race of diminuitive people native to the mountains around Stoneheim and Myrgard, with a love of explosives and all things inventive. They are ancient enemies of the Ghols.

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dwh : "Die with honor"

dyb : "Die You Bastards" - infamous line from zerks in SB.

dyb : interj. An acronym, usually yelled to your opponents before a game starts. Stands for 'Die You Bastards'. PeteMG: Good Luck! el Destructo: GLA! Visigoth: DYB!

Eblis Stones : Magic artifacts of great power. Those who control them are said to be unstoppable in battle.

Egil : A Berserk.

Eight Pride Stalking : A Heron Guard.

Eitri : A Dwarf.

Elevation : The height or depth of the terrain on a Myth map. Higher elevation gives some ranged units (archers, dwarves) additional range on their attacks.

emp : emperor, first rank under celestes in bungie net ranked play

Ewan : Pupil of Antero, he was granted passage into ancient Trow lands to record their habits for Antero's Bestiary.

ez : "easy"

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F7 : Pressing the F7 key turns on a persistent heads-up statistics view of the game being played; specifically flag/ball counts, time on flag, time remaining, and the health of the teams still in the game.

Fallen Lords : Six powerful wizards who were suborned by Balor. Among them: Shiver, The Deceiver, The Watcher, and Soulblighter.

Fang-Grinder : King of the Ghols, Black Dog of the Hill Lands. He was killed by Mauriac of Madrigal.

fast attack units : Fast attack units wait at the edge of a battle until the grunts engage the enemy, then they sweep in and attack the enemy from the side or from behind. This is a devastating tactic. An army cannot fig

FCAW : abbreviation for 'For Carnage, Apply Within'; a classic Myth:TFL multiplayer map, available via 3rd party plugin for Myth II. Also a popular tagline for those steeped in Marathon lore.

Fear : An application for editing 'tags' (parameters) in Myth 2 maps and plugins. Fear was created by Bungie.

Fetch : Creatures from another world who throw lightning and hide inside Human skins. They were summoned by Balor to fight in the Great War, but stranded when he was killed by Alric. They then served Soulblig

FFA : Short for 'free for all', or every man for himself. Describes a net game where everyone fends for him/herself, usually played on small multiplayer maps.

films : Recordings of myth games. After single or multiplayer games, there is an option to save a film. Films are exact replays of the game that it was saved from. To view films, go to the opening screen in M

fir'Bolg : The skilled archers who live in the Ermine; former enemies and current allies of the Light, they have forever been at war with the bre'Unor.

Five Champions, The : Five heroes who rescued Alric during the 17th year of the Great War.

Five Motion Bloody Jaguar : A Heron Guard

Flag Contested : "Flag Contested" is an automatic in-game announcement given when when 2 or more teams are close enough to tag a flag in a game of Last Man on the Hill, King of the Hill, Territories, or Capture the Fl

flag rally : A net game who's goal is to "touch" as many of the flags as possible before the time runs out. You needn't keep possession of any of them. As soon as one team has "touched" all the flags the game is o

Flags : Flags are used to mark a location on a map which is an objectives in some competitive myth gametypes (Capture the Flag, Flag Rally, King of the Hill, Last Man on the Hill, Terries). A flag can be ne

flank : "Flank" can be used as a noun or a verb. As a verb it means to attack the side of an enemy force, usually (at least preferably) by suprise. As a noun, it means the side or rear of your force.

Flank : The side of an object or thing, in Myth context it's used to describe the side of a formation, or the units on the side of a large group of units. More commonly used to describe a seperate smaller gr

flank steak : The unprotected, helpless and soon-to-be-devoured side or rear of an opponent's forces. But not your forces. Never yours, right?

Flanking, Flanked, Outflanked : A "Flanking" maneuver is an attack on the sides (flank) or rear of an enemy force. It is usually initiated by a flanking force of fast moving units that can wrap around (pinch) enemy forces from the s

floyn : (verb) This word has two similar though slightly different shades. 1) To "floyn" someone is to steal their color e.g., if Queso joins a game before I do, then because Queso is green like I am (if I'm

fodder (or "Cannon Fodder") : this term refers to troops, usually thrall or warriors, that engage an enemy force directly to stall an enemy advance, or to chew up time and distract as your fast attack moves in from an angle. Unlik

force : A force is the entirety of a player's units, massed for attack or attacking. Sub-groups compose a player's force.

Forest Giants : Huge tree-people native to Forest Heart. They are long enemies of the Trow.

Forest Heart : Huge forest east of the Cloudspine Mountains, home of the Forest Giants.

Forgall : Author of Forgall's Bestiary.

Formations : Formations are preset patterns of positioning units. examples are: short line, long line, arc, vanguard, box, etc. In Myth, formations (aka 'presets') are invoked by selecting the units you wa

Four Flint Motion Sun : A Heron Guard Hero who helped the Deceiver defeat Shiver.

FR : Flag Rally, a game type on Myth II where the goal is to ne the first player to "tag" each flag on the map.

Frankenstein Computer God : A mad, deadly, world-wide, gangster, communist stone idol near the World Knot north of the Plain of Scales. The god of mad, deadly, world-wide, gangster, communist radio earphone slavery.

Friendly Fire : A euphemism for getting shot in the back by your own archers, or having an explosive bottle from one of your dorfs blow up your warriors, or having your ranks decimated by an overeager warlock.

fu : f* you

Fulsom : Someone dealt a terrible blow by Trahern.

furry guys : Slang for Journeymen.

fyi : "for your information"

game chat : The mini-room where 2 to 16 people wait before stating a game.

Garrick : A Warrior Captain serving in the Journal Writer's legion in Myth II.

GB : Green Berets

gdi : "gosh darn it" (or other less family suitable epithets)

gfg : "Giant Fighting Grounds", a name given to maps designed primarily for Giant(Trow or Myrkridian Giant) fights. These maps geographically tend to be on the plain and uninteresting since most people maki

gg(a) : "good game", or "good game all" Polite to say at the end of a game no matter how unpleasant one's opponents were or how lopsided the contest.

Ghasts : Undead Humans, plagued with the paralyzing Death Fever, who will eventaully become Wights.

Ghols : annoying hunchback doglike creatures that throw stuff at you. Tips on how to best use them can be found at http://blubb.at/robzim/

gj : "good job"

Gjol : A poisoned river that runs south into the Dire Marsh.

gl, gla, glhf, glahf : "good luck" or "good luck all" "good luck, have fun!" "good luck, and have fun!" Traditional good sportsman pre-game exclamations.

gr'Uman : A Lieutenant of Archers with the Legion, who carried the Bow of Furious Incendescence, and was ambushed and killed while crossing the Dire Marsh.

grandstand : "Grandstanding" is when a player is eliminated from a game, and he takes it upon himself to sagely tell everyone anything about everything now that he sees the field in "god mode". Ignore their advice

Great Devoid : A bottomless chasm near Myrgard, created by the Callieach during their final days. Rather than be hunted to extinction by the Trow, the Callieach destroyed themselves and many Trow, leaving behind onl

gtg : "got to go"

Guard : "Guard" is a command that makes units stay where they are and only attack or move if attacked. If units are not set to "guard" they can and will move from their position to attack/engage enemies wh

Gywon : A Berserk.

GZ : Ground Zero, a multiplayer map for Myth: TFL.

h00r : n. One who is obsesssively fixated on a certain aspect of M33f. Examples: Rank h00r, dorf h00r, Phod hoor. guttermouth: Me and POD are going rank h00rin'. Wanna come? Stefan: No, I'm feeling queasy

h3h3, or h4h4 : "hehe" (a laugh)

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hang high : Remember those annoying Souless that pincushioned your helpless infantry while they floated out of reach on that rock, or hillside, or over deep water? Souless are the only units able to hang high, bu

Hawks : Agile birds-of-prey which can be found in various wooded areas.

hax0r hax0r : mocks the people who hexed their name, films, and films in Myth: TFL.

Head, The : A mysterious, still-living severed head, supposedly an old enemy of the Fallen Lords, a former lieutenant of Connacht, and an early victim of Balor.

Healing : "Healing" is a special ability unique to Journeymen and Heron Guards which restores a unit's health. Most damage a unit receives can be healed but some magical damage can not be fully healed. Hea

Health (aka "Unit Health") : Health is the measure of how fit a unit is, as a unit receives damage it's health is decreased until it reaches zero and it dies. A unit's health is displayed as a colored bar next to the unit (the

Heron Guard, The : Elite warriors of the Empire of the Cath Bruig. In game, Heron Guards are fast moving lightly-armored dual sword wielding fighters who can also heal. They are also immune to paralysis by pus or g

hf(a) : "have fun" ("have fun all")

hoolio : n. A fond name for another. adj. Could mean anything. Haruchai: I'm putting my hoolios up north on that hoolio hill Moorfius: Haruchai = wol

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hoor (or h00r) : whore. In myth this is usually used to refer to a "rank whore" (a person who cares a lot about his points/ranking on bungienet).

host : The host of a multiplayer game is the person who initiated the game and who gets to choose which map, time limit, teams, etc. are going to be used in the game.

host drop : When the host of a game drops the game. Most often occurs when someone is cheating or if the host is losing. A host who drops in a ranked room receives a penalty.

htc : "had to cancel". Sometimes a host will have to cancel when one of the players is locked up at the end of the game. Common courtesy is to wait at least a minute or two for all players to 'return' befor

Humans : Normal people, resident of the Province in the West. See Bowmen, Brigands, Peasants, and Warriors.

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hunt : hunting

hunting : a competitive game where the goal is to kill more of the designated neutral (not belonging to any team) creature than your opponents. These creatures can be anything from stationary dummies, to oaming

I iz TroKix J00 in D4 Nu7z Mb!! - "I'z (my) Trow w : according to m2bastards this is the rank h00r motto (in TroSpek).

infantry : infantry are the heart of your army. They are the masses of ground troops that are used to storm enemy positions and hold territory. Myth is a game about infantry, all else is peripheral.

Iri : A Dwarf, presumably a Pathfinder.

iu'Shee : A Captain of Archers with the Legion, who fired the bone-tipped arrows which killed the Watcher.

j/k : "Just Kidding"

j00, joo : "you"

Jari : A Dwarven Pathfinder; son of Balin and Uni.

Journal Writer, The : The man, or men, or other sentient being[s] writing and narrating the events of the journals to us. Reffers to either the Myth TFL and Myth II journal writer (depending on context), though they are se

Journeymen : Large guys who wear long fur coats, incredibly fat and garish ties and who attack their owners with shovels.

js : "Jump Start" A "jump start" is when a host starts the game unexpectedly without warning, with un-fair teams, or just to be a poor sport. See also "Chicken Dump"

k : short for "ok"

Tags : -abbreviation

keel : "kill", ex. "OMG I Keel U!"

kewl : cool

ki'Angsi : An Archer hero, who helped rescue Alric during the Great War. One of the Five Champions.

kingmaker : this is a decision of the heart. It's late in the game, and your force has been run through the meatgrinder. There's simply no way to pull off a win against your two remaining opponents... so you play

KotH : abbreviation for King of The Hill, a competitive game where the goal is to spend more time than your opponents in possession of the flag. This game does not require you to keep the flag, only possess

krid : Myrkridian

krid giant : Myrkridian Giant

lag : Interuptions in the flow of a network game caused by modem or network difficulties/traffic. It can appear as short burpp, slowed down game play or in the worst case a frozen screen. All computers and

lame : Used to describe someone or something the writer finds truly pathetic.

lamer : a term used for people who cheat, accuse, annoy, or are generally unpleasant to others (see Cheater)

last man on the hill : A game where the goal is to have uncontested possession of the flag when the clock runs out. If more than one team is contesting the flag when the game's time-limit has run out then the game will co

Last Man Standing : An individual or multiple-team game where players squeamishly fight (or avoid fighting) to survive. As the title suggests, the last player with living units wins, regardless of the game objective. Bes

Leader Board : A leader board is the place where players can look up their rank and statistics on the web. There are several scoring/leaderboard sites available 96/2002] These include, mariusnet.com, mythforums,com,

leech : A player who teams with higher ranks only to gain points. Usually controls very few and unimportant units.

leet, l33t : "Elite" see also "133t"

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Legion, The : The military group in which the Journal Writer serves.

lem : lame

level : a term used to describe a specific part of a solo/cooperative myth game. A "level" consists of a map, and all the programming/scripting and units that make up that one specific scenario. Ex. "Willow C

Leveler, The : A transient divinity seeking only conflict; responsible for the cycles of Light and Dark.

Light : used to describe the troops traditionally thought of as the "good guys". (warriors, archers, dwarves, journeymen, etc)

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lightning reflection : Using water to 'reflect' a fetch's lightning causing it to extend WAY further than a normal fetch attack. Generally considered a bug, it's use is frowned on by many players.

Lingo List :

lmao : "laughing my ass off"

LMOTH : last man on the hill

lobby : the place that players find themselves in when they first log into a myth game server. The main lobby is where you can chat with other users and join games. In my father's game server are many rooms..

lock, lok : Warlock

LoGA : Legend of Gor Ash

lol, lul(z) : "laugh(ing) out loud" or "lots of laughs" aka "lulz"

loose cannons : These bloodthirsty players ignore all game objectives and attack the first army that stumbles into their path, destroying both their own chances of winning and their victim's. Kind of a pain when they

M2 : Myth II (Myth II: SoulBlighter)

M3 : Myth III (Myth: The Wolf Age)

Madrigal : One of the Free Cities of the North.

Maeldun : One of The Nine.

Mahir : Shadow creatures who take corporeal form to drain the life of the living.

Make a hole! : infamous dorf command yelled when a dorf is trying to get a clear shot at a target.

mana : Magical power that replenishes over time. Units like Warlocks, Myrkidian Giants and some special units need mana to cast spells or use special attacks. After attacking/spellcasting must be recharged

Mandrake Roots : Mandrake roots are the roots of the purple flowering mandrake plant. The roots are used by Journeymen and Heron Guards to restore the health(healing) of injured units. Mandrake plants while not com

Map : Map is the name given to a particular location in the myth world. It usually refers to the terrain and scenery of a specific place. All myth games both net games and solo games take place on a "map".

Mauls : Horrible pig-like beasts from the Blind Steppes, following Soulblighter in search of new lands to dominate. In-game, Mauls are large, slow-moving club-wielding brutes who are very tough to kill.

Mauriac : A Warrior Captain, once Prince Regent of Covenant. He killed Fang-Grinder, King of the Ghols.

Mazzarin : The greatest Avatara and all-around most powerfull archmage ever to live. May have returned later in Shade form.

mb : "maybe"

melee unit : A unit that has no projectile/missle attacks so which can only attack in close range. [e.g. Warriors, Trow, Thrall are all melee units].

mi : "my"

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micro-manage : When you micro-manage your troops, you control each very closely and give them specific orders. You focus their attacks, tell them where to stand and exactly how to behave. The opposite of a Bumrus.

miff : Myth

min : "Minutes" used to discuss the length of a net game, sometimes also abbreviated simply as 'm'.

Mixed Melee : "Mixed Melee" refers to the melee tactic of mixing unit types to maximize damage and speed. Mixed units are almost always more effective than an identical sized group of homogenuous units. [slight

Moagim : A previous incarnation of The Leveler. Once was Tireces. Lead the Myrkridia. Was eventually defeated by Connacht.

moonwalking : This occurs when one's units bunch up in the scrum against an enemy force, causing the rearmost, non-engaged troops to stride in place. (This also happens occassionally when a unit gets stuck trying t

Moonwalking : This describes what units looks like when they are stuck trying to get around enemy units or scenery items in their way. This happens much less than it used to due to fixes introduced by the Project

Morale : Morale refers mostly to the emotional state of individual players or teams. In-game 'moral' hasn't applied to units until fairly recently. When Bungie released Myth units didn't have 'morale' they

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mort : Mortar Dwarf, aka "Dwarven Mortar". A myth 2 dwarven unit who can shoot cannonballs a very long distance.

ms : Milliseconds, the unit of measurement that describes the lag between pressing a key and seeing the response.

mugging : Two old friends with teaming experience (notice that we don't use the term Veteran here) stake out their favorite game on their favorite map. They characteristically set a short planning time, and chi

Muirthemne : Ancient capital of the Empire of the Cath Bruig, home to mighty sorcerers and seat of a great empire. It was completely shattered and destroyed by the Dark.This is the place that the Tain was made.

multiplayer game/map : A type of game/map where players compete against each other. Also called "free-for-all". [For descriptions of all the standard Bungie multiplayer maps.myth training hall or MythIIK

Murgen : One of the Nine.

MWC (Myth World Cup) : The longest running and largest 2-team tournament in the Myth community. Held once a year in the late spring/summer.

Myctionary - A Myth Dictionary : Abbreviations:(but then,

myff : "myth"

Myrdred : The true name of The Deceiver.

Myrgard : Ancestral home of the Dwarves. Along with the other major Dwarven city of Stoneheim, it was seized and occupied by the Ghôls fifty years ago.

Myrkridia : A race of incredible evil and ferocity, destroyed during the Wind Age by Connacht. In-game, myrkridia are fast moving, fast attacking units capable of killing lesser units like dwarves and archers

Myrkridia : Ancient evil creatures, originally lead by Moagim, until they were imprisoned by Connacht inside the Tain. Later ressurected by The Summoner for use by Soulblighter.

Myrmidons : Ancient kin of the Berserks, turned to the Dark by Balor.

Myth Glossary : [For a more recent and complete collection of Myth terminology, see The Myth Dictionary , elsewhere on this site.] This dictionary conta

Myth Terminology Glossary : [This document was never actually published and is an unfinished document donated to the Myth Graveyard by the author; JJ/Lophan. -- vr] Myth Terminology Glossary Strangely enough,

mythdrawal : Originally coined by Bander to describe the stomach pains, unsteady nerves and chronic depression associated with anyone that hasn't logged on to bungie.net for more than nine hours. When you're lying

Mythipedia Dictionary : Language (primarily abbreviations) you'll run across in Myth (many of which aren't in any manual). To keep this guide shorter,

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Mythisms : Mythisms A-Z Mythisms - A Myth dictionary of Myth terms about Myth. This page was recovered from the long-dead Tharsis Times web site which in turn pulled the material off of The Dagger

n/a : "not available" or "not applicable"

Nagamaki : The sword that Soulblighter wields is a nagamaki. The Nagamaki (Japanese: ??), literally "long wrapping") is a Japanese weapon popular between the 12th and 14th centuries. trivia: The Elvish swo

names : some players can take an handful of thrall and rout your entire force, they have a direct psychic connection with their troops, they can teleport units around the battlefield, and any army under their

neen : n. An exaggerated neenlet. adj. Really silly or annoying. Nomos: Did anyone have a veteran ghol that game? Greywolf: I almost did until it attacked those archers like a neen.

neenlet : n. 1. Someone acting a little weird or silly. 2. Something that is annoying. Stinger: Ananab, kill that dorf plz. Ananab Tilps: I can't, my archers all died like neenlets. Mange: Uh, who's the nee

newbie rush : Attacking the first enemy seen, and usually without any sort of plan, set up, or hope of victory. See Bumrush.

Newbie's Bungie.net Chat Dictionary : Newbie's Bungie.net Chat Dictionary gg=good game lol=lots of laughs, or loads of laughs

newbie, newb, n00b : a new or inexperienced Myth player. Often used as an insult when someone does something that the speaker finds incredibly stupid. (ex. "Oh my god, you just blew up your own wight and killed all your d

Nine Skull Crocodile : An ancient Heron Guard, befriended by the journal writer near the end of Myth II.

Nine, The : Nine Powerful wizards who oppose the Fallen Lords. Alric is chief among them, and Murgen, Rabican, Maeldun, Cu Roi, and four others act as his generals.

Nine, The : The nine powerfull avatara who protected the West and fought the Fallen Lords during the Great War.

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nm : "never mind"

np : "no problem"

ns : "nice shot"

nt : "nice try"

Nyx : The god who created the Trow

O : "Oh". An abbreviation. (sometimes means "offensive")

Observer Constants : Settings that determine the rate of movement for the observer camera. Can be modified for personal taste using the Fear map editing application.

Oderic : A Bowman Hero, who aided the Deceiver when he went to kill Shiver south of Silvermines.

og'Un : A fir'Bolg.

Oghres : An ancient race, who were destroyed by the Trow after calling them a race of consorts. Their last stand was at the Valley of the Red Seal.

oic : "Oh, I see"

Oleg : A Dwarven Hero, who helped rescue Alric during the Great War.

omfg : "oh my f***ing god"

omg : An exclamanation; "Oh my God!"

oos : out of sync. a condition that causes weird things to happen between various players in a net game. When this happens players are basically not all playing the same game any longer. As soon as this occ

order : a group of Myth players that band together to form a team or a cadre of players for tournaments (or just for fun because the players enjoy playing together and share similar values/outlook).

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Otter's Ferry : Another small town outside of Madrigal.

Overhead Map : A small representation of the map the current game is being played on. Initially postage-sized, Magma added the ability to resize the overhead map so it's useful even on very large monitors. The o

own, owned : a generally lame expression that means "i owned you"

packet : A full compliment of a particular unit type, used tactically. A trow is no match for a packet of berserks, in case you were wondering.

Pathfinding : How the Myth game engine picks a path that units will traverse in going from one location to another on a map. Although pathfinding has been improved by the Myth development team of Project Magma,

Peasants / Villagers (of the Province). : The basic Humans who occupy the lands of the Province.

Pelleas : A Villager.

ph34r, phear : fear. the name of a myth 2 mapmaking tool.

Phelot : The shade who decimated Avon's Grove. Over sixty years later he was in Soulblighter's camp when the Deceiver attacked, and was severly wounded and cast under the Deceiver's Binding Dream. He later sab

piggyback : When a player joins with another player as a team, but takes no units or is issued no units, and merely observes the game or offers advice (and snide commentary).

Pigs : Swine, bred and herded for their meat.

Pinch, Pinching : "Pinching" is using two or more flanks of a formation/team to surround or 'pinch' an enemy formation. "Pinch" is also used as a command.

ping : In myth term, ping is a measure of the host's connection speed, in milliseconds, posted to the right of a joinable game in the chatroom. Low numbers are better; as the number increases, so does your c

Plain of Scales : Lowlands east of the Toven River, which rise to the Cloudspine Mountains and Bagrada.

plz : "please"

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Poachers : Peasants with blunderbusses.

poge : n. A real dong of a neenlet. Rhymes with "vogue". ruiner: "Hey foolio, your dorf's being a poge" Guttermouth: "He's donging our pplz like a neenio!" Samurai Cat!: "Is that bad? Or good?"

point chasers : These players are looking for any easy game, they don't want to play you. They're not in it for the fun, they're not in it for the glory, they're not in it to release the pent-up frustrations of their

posers : people who hang out in the chatrooms, waiting to join the perfect game (which isn't yours). These people never actually play Myth.

posturing : What posers do instead of playing Myth. Posturing in the chat is only cool if you're holding one of the top eight coins.

ppl : n. An abbreviation of "people", used both as singular and plural. Sorcha Payne: AT u were mean to ur own pplz Ananab Tilps: Most of them were neen

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PRASP : "Post Release Attention Span Product". A term used to describe a set of maps released by Bungie AFTER Myth 2 was officially released. The maps are "Boil and Bubble", "Phoenix Rising", and "Leagues Fro

Preset : Player created sets of units which can be selected instantly. Often players will create different groups of units based on their function. One preset group might contain all fast units (scouts), one

pts : "points"

punt : To send a net ball far away from one's troops, usually with the assistance of explosive satchels (see also "boot").

purple haze : When a wight explodes, any troops near him become paralyzed by the clouds of noxious gas it releases. Haze refers either to the billowing fumes or the paralysis they cause.

Pus : Pus are pieces of unexploded wights that can be thrown and which cause paralysis and/or damage if they explode. Used by ghols as a long-range weapon, pus can be picked up by ghols and thrown at enemy

r : "are"

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Rabican : One of the Nine, who defeated Shiver at Madrigal during the Great War.

rank : 1) a point system used by the myth game servers in all Myth games to indicate your standings compared to other Myth Players. [definition by jj/lophan] Rank is a measure of how well a player has played

ranked : A type of room/game one can play on the Myth servers. Server game rooms are either ranked or not ranked. In a ranked room all games played are played for points which are calculated by the server's ra

Ravanna : The true name of Shiver.

RDF : "Rocket Dorf Fest", a 3rd party conversion consisting of super-powered dwarves and ghols. Some dwarves shoot rockets, some fly and lob small stunning fireballs.

rdm : "random"

rdy : "ready"

reg : regular myth. e.g. myth without any 3rd party plugins, especially not any new or modified units.

Reiftyr : A member of the Legion, presumably a Berserk.

replay : 1) to play a game you just got done playing, again. 2) A saved film

rh : "rehost"

Rhi'anon : Ancient capital of the Trow, melted into the ice by Connacht during the Wind Age.

rm : Rematch - When you beat someone in a game, and they want to try to beat you again right away on the same map and game type, it is called a rematch.

rofl : "rolling on the floor laughing"

rs : "reset"/"restart", as in "reset this multiplayer game"

rtfm : "read the f***ing manual"

Rurik : A respected villager with valuable information about The Baron.

Rush, Rushing : A "rush" or "rushing" is just what it sounds like, a mad rush into battle or to a flag/ball. It can refer to a small group or sub-team, or to an entire team. Sometimes a rush is to achieve a speci

Sack of Muirthemne, Fall of Cath Bruig : Fifty years ago the Fallen overcame the armies of the Cath Bruig, sacked Muirthemne and turned the empire East of the Cloudspine into desert (now called the Devoid).

Satchel Charges : Satchels (satchel charges) are packets of explosives used by Dwarves as powerful anti-personnel devices. They are placed on the ground and can be set off by fire arrows, Molotov cocktails or other exp

sb : abbrev for Myth: SoulBlighter, the second of the Myth games.

SB : SoulBlighter (Myth II)

Scamander : Main river in the southeastern continent, flowing east from the Cloudspine Mountains to the sea.

scavenger hunt : a game whose goal is to own all five balls on the map. The game only ends when one player holds all the balls. A balanced force is required for this free-for-all.

scavies : scavenger hunt

Sciron : A Shade.

Scouting : Scouting is using (generally) fast units as individuals or in small groups to gain intel on where enemy units are or what they are doing in places too far away for a team to otherwise be aware of.

scouts : in order to plan assaults and avoid traps, you must know where your opponents are and what they are doing. Scouts are fast and can dash by for a quick look without alarming your opponent or provoking

Seanchaidh : A Warlock hero, who helped The Deceiver defeat Shiver.

Seven Gates : Central of three passes across the Cloudspine Mountains, so named for its seven chokepoints.

Shades : The ressurected corpses of long-dead sorcerors bound to the Fallen Lords and used as conduits for their magic.

Shiver : One of the Fallen Lords.

Shiver : A Fallen Lord who was defeated by Rabican during the Great War and by The Deceiver in Myth II.

Shoal : Town where the player escapes from Covenant.

Silvermines : A small mining town near Seven Gates.

Sinis : A Shade

sink : References the tactic of stealthily submerging thrall or wights in deep water, for troublesome uses later in the game.

Skrael : Amphibious allies of the Light, resident to the Deep Mire and the Drowned Kingdom of Yer-ks.

slo : "slow"

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Slugfest : This option can be used in Body Count and Last Man on the Hill. It consists of using only Dwarves, Wights, and Thrall. (M:Tfl maps good for this are Mudpit Massacre and For Carnage Apply Within)

Smiths of Muirthemne, The : Engineers, architects, and general handy-men of the Cath Bruig. They are Dwarves.

Snorro : Parent of Vnarin.

Solo : Maps that can be played by one person, these are scripted so that you play one side of a conflict and the computer plays the other. (Usually the player plays the good/light forces, the computer pl

Solo maps : Maps that can be played by one person, these are scripted so that you play one side of a conflict and the computer plays the other. (Usually the player plays the good/light forces, and the compute

sook, s00k : suck

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Soulblighter : One of the Fallen Lords.

Souless : Evil undead flying skeletal spear throwing creatures. Souless can fly so can go over terrain that other units are unable to traverse.

Soulless (Hollow Men) : Once-human souls, stolen by sorcery.

Source of the Five Hundred Poisons : The Deceiver's surname.

Spider Queen : Very large and very fast dark unit, it's bite causes paralysis. Normally found only on the solo levels, rare on ffa/team maps.

Spiders : Giant spiders, often found inside the Tain.

Spores : Small plant-like things which eject paralyzing and/or killing vapor into the air when approached.

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spring : the act of cannily snatching a flag in the final moments of a game from an unsuspecting opponent. Springing flags is not cheating, although the losers will want to call you a cheater afterward. Having

Squirrels : Small,tree-dwelling rodents with bushy tails.

stampede : A game where you begin with a group of units - pigs, villagers, chickens, etc. - that you must guide to a flag. Many maps have one or many flags that all players will be using, while others require yo

stb : Abbreviation for "Steal the Bacon", a competitive game where the person who possesses the ball at the end of the game wins. This game is just like Last Man on the Hill, except with a ball. Despite the

strategy : a strategy is an overall plan to achieve victory. It might be as simple as "Kill everyone else" or "Overload the left flank" or as complicated as a multi-tactic plan involving feints and unexpected at

stu : "same to you"

Stygian Knights : Magically animated suits of armor. They were the favored escorts of the Baron.

Suicide : There are two kinds of suicide in Myth. One is a tactic, the other is lame behavior. The "Suicide" tactic is when a unit who has an explosive attack, fires at an approaching enemy at point blank r

suiciding : Attacking in such way that one's units will likely all be killed. Usually this implies the player doing the suiciding is doing so for some reason other than winning the game - ex. frustration, revenge

Summoner, The : A strange little man who was destined to ressurect the Myrkridia.

sup : "what's up" (a greeting)

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Swallows : Small birds.

tactic : a tactic is a specific method for achieving a specific goal. Positioning a group of archers on a particular hill where they can pick off approaching wights is an example of a tactic. Tactics are the c

Tain : An artifact created by the Smiths of Muirthemne during the Empire of the Cath'Bruig.

Target Dummies : Simple constructs in basic hominid form, used for combat practice.

TCP/IP : a network protocol that lets you (among other things) play Myth without the need of a server by allowing you to connect directly to the person hosting a game. When bungie.net is down, or not accessibl

Teaming : "Teaming up" with another player in a FFA game after it has already started. This is different than teaming up BEFORE a game starts because teaming AFTER a game starts gives the 'team' two ffa teams

Ten Soaring White Eagle : A Heron Guard Hero who helped the Deceiver defeat Shiver.

Terrain : A combination of ground type (and elevation). Some terrain types are traversable by all units, some terrain types can only be traversed by specific unit types.

terries : territories

territories : a game whose goal is to capture and be in possession of the most flags when the time runs out. You will need a balanced offensive/defensive force to capture and hold a large number of distant bases.

TFL : "The Fallen Lords", the first Myth game

TFL Gameplay : A mode of gameplay for Myth II that emulates the gameplay of Myth: The Fallen Lords.

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The Complete Myth Dictionary (2008) : [This is from the old Mythgraveyard site. A newer, more complete version of the Myth dictionary can be found here. ]

Thrall (Children of Bahl'al) : Undead humans, ressurected with dark magics.

thx, tnx : Short for "Thanks". Polite to say when someone else's character heals your dorf who is close to death, or at the start of a game when your team leader assigns some troops to you. This is good form to

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Tireces : The Great Hero of the Age of Reason. Later became Moagim (The Leveler) and lead the Myrkridia. Was eventually defeated by Connacht.

Total Codex : A magical book of immense power, in which is written the fate of every creature that will ever be born.

trading value : the number of points a particular unit "costs" in net games. During the planning stage units can be traded in for "points", these points can be used to acquire other troops/units

Trahern with Fists like Iron : A Berserk hero.

tro : trow

Tro Speak Guide o' Doom : MOOGLES of Greatness : Dancing away since January 1999 Terzol's Tro Speak Guide o' Doom U BSTRD! YE! U! U SUX! U CNT SPEEK TRO SPEEK BT I TEECH U! WUT? U TINK U CN!?? I GT 10000000*&0000 FILMZ

Tro Spek : Typing in an almost undecipherable manner in mocking of Myth: TFL lamers. Example: OMG U SUK! UR MOM IZ DUM SHE @##@ SHEEP! -- [myther.com] (This is a variation of common geek elite speak) [For a comp

Troops : i.e. "units", the creatures in Myth, good and bad. For a brief illustrated guide to Myth 2 Units check out Baak's Unit Guide. For more details with hints on how to use them see the myth traini

Trow : Ancient, giant homonids, created by the god Nyx from stone and clay. While not inherantly evil, they have commited many atrocious acts. In their early days, they came into conflict with a new race eve

Trow CL : Trow Chain Lighting - Similar to (fetch) chain lightning, this is when a Trow (or any other melee unit) attacks from a further range than usual by way of a flaw in the game engine. This was eliminated

Truan of the Hundred Battles : A Berserk hero, who helped rescue Alric during the Great War.

truce : a decision made between 2 or more players to not attack each other. When this is done by everyone in game for an agreed upon reason/time (ex. declaring a One-Minute-Truce at the start of a game with l

Tunnel Vision : Being so focused on the local battle that one fails to keep track of the larger game - forgetting to pay attention to the overall game goal, or the overhead map, or enemy units approaching.

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Turgeis with Burning Steel : A Berserk hero.

Turquine : A Shade.

TWA : "The Wolf Age", the third of the Myth games.

Twelve Motion Jeweled Skull : A Journeyman who helped defeat the Deceiver at the end of the Great War.

Twenty Year's War : A war of succession fought in the Province 150 years before the events of The Fallen Lords, in and around Covenant.

Twice Born : Soulblighter's surname.

Tyr : A large city of The Province that was sacked by the Dark ten years before current events.

Tyrfing : A member of the Legion.

u : "You"

Tags : -abbreviation

u2 : "you too"

Tags : -abbreviation

Uni : Wife of Balin, mother of Jari, and daughter of the Archon of Stoneheim.

unimapper : A player who only plays on one map. (usually only one game type). ex. Body Count on Raid on the Plains)

unit CL (Unit Clumping) : a bug which allowed units to cause melee damage to other units while being out of range of the units they were damaging. A cheat usually employed with Trow. Bug fixed in patched versions of Myth: TFL

unit(s) : Another name for troops, a great quick reference for Myth 2 units is Baak's Unit Guide.

Unranked : The "other" game type in Myth 2. In unranked rooms, no score is kept or earned and players are presumably playing just for the fun of playing. No games played in unranked rooms count one way or the ot

Vaporware : Projects that were announced but never released. Like most volunteer endeavors, Myth II has had it's share of ambitious, greatly anticipated projects that were announced by their creators but which w

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Veteran : If used to describe a person, it means the person is an experienced Myth player. If used to describe a Myth unit it means a unit in a solo level has survived more than one level/map or a unit in a

Vnarin : Son of Snorro.

Voice Chat : Myth does not have any voice chat features so some players and tournament teams use external VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) chat applications like Ventrillo, Mumble, Teamspeak, etc.

w/ : "with"

Tags : -abbreviation

w/o : "without"

w00t : An exclamation of agreement and/or happiness. Usually used by a younger crowd, [script kiddies]? and people who play EverQuest? [and other online games, e.g. Myth - ed]. Sometimes used to denote victo

Tags : -slang

wanker : Someone who acts lame, commonly seen on the myth game servers. The mariusnet server has feature (.wank) that lets you add an annoying player to your "wank list" so that the wanker won't even see g

Warlocks (of the Scholomance) : Powerful wizards, and ancient allies of the Deceiver. In game, Warlocks can shoot 2 fireballs before needing to replenish their mana. They also have a special attack of a protective ring-of-fire,

Warriors (of the Province) : The staple/backbone of the Human armies, donning armor and brandishing swords and shields.

wassabi : "what's up"? (a greeting)

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Watcher, The : An ancient, evil sorceror, and one of Balor's Fallen Lords.

water bounce : When a Fetch shoots water and the lightning bounces off of the water to a nearby unit, it has water bounced.

Waypoint : Waypoints are a way of setting a specific path for a unit or set of units to take when going from one location to another without relying solely on the Myth pathfinding. Selecting a unit(or units)

wb : "welcome back"

Weather : There are several types of weather or weather elements that players can encounter in Myth, they include sunny(default), rain, snow, lightning, fog, etc. Weather does not have much effect on gamepla

Wights (Messengers of Culwyeh) : Bloated, explosive corpse-men, filled with the Death Fever and harvested for their polyps. Ingame, wights can be used as suicide bombers, exploding themselves and causing damage and paralysis to n

wol : adj. Abbreviation for "wigging out loud". Used to refer to any kind of odd behavior. Mr Sweetie: "Sorry all, my connection went wol" Bastian: "That's okay, we finished the game by rolling dice"

Wolves : Carnivorous dogs, long enemies of civilized man, but still used by the fir'Bolg and bre'Unor.

World Knot : Ancient relics which allow near-instant movement from place to place.

wrap : the easy-to-type term for "enveloping" your opponent's force with a blanket of your own units. This is a good thing to do. Used as a noun or a verb.

wtf : "What the feck?". A variation on "What the heck!" usually used to indicate confusion or anger by the one saying this.

wth : "what the heck/hell"?

wut : "what"?

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wwII, ww2 : A popular myth conversion that changes all the units to world war 2 era soldiers and or vehicles). While WW2 can be a divisive topic in the community, it is by far the most widely played conversion

Wyrd : A god, or creater of all that is.

Zerks : Berzerkers

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