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The Forest Moon of Endor

5/19 Mara Jade

Just saw Episode One today. Wow! It's got us planning a possible Episode One plugin. I've uploaded a quicktime movie showing off two of the units (ewoks and artillary droids) to tide you over until the plugin is released. Check it out in the Previews section.

5/18 Lan Mandragoran

Please note that this conversion is not endorsed in anyway by LucasFilms Ltd. and is for personal use only. I made this because I am a fan of the Star Wars universe and wanted to enjoy it in a Myth setting. As stated on the bottom of each page, Star Wars and the Star Wars characters are trademarked by LucasFilms Ltd. Afterall I don't want to start calling the characters Starmtroopers and Bunny Hunters...and how about those Ewuks!

5/17 Lan Mandragoran

•I just added the assasin game type to sanctuary. You gotta protect an ewok on that one.
•Also to let you know, in the future I plan on making more units, but not for this specific map set. Eventually I'd like to add some jedi (with lightsabers of course), battledroids, gamorrean guards, wookies, yodas and who knows what else. I think I'll set up a poll on here and let you all vote.
•I've also fixed the ammo for the artillary droid. Now you can gather cluster grenades to lob at the enemy. The next main thing I need to do before I go to beta is set up all the sounds, otherwise things are looking good.
The rest of the site is up now, I think I'll go now and add some content. I should have some more screenshots up later tonight and perhaps a movie or two.

5/17 Lan Mandragoran

The Forest Moon of Endor is nearing completion (finally!). I should have a beta version ready within a couple of days. I don't know how long the beta will last. Take a look around the site for more info, not everything is up yet, but that should be remedied in the next day or so. In the units section you'll find info about the units (obvious?). Specifically their attack types abilities etc. In the maps section there is info about each of the three variations. Find out how many starting locations, game types and unit amounts.

I'll be adding some screenshots and quicktime previews soon to tide everyone over. In the meantime there are three screenshots in the maps section. I'd also like to throw out a thank you to my girlfriend, Mara Jade. She's been invaluable in the design stage and even made this killer website. Watch out for her on bungie.net!


• Three new units to control; the bounty hunter, stormtrooper and artillary droid.
• A new ambient/hunting creature, the ewok. Smear the cuddly guys all across the map.
• The assasin game type with a twist, you get three stationary units to protect (supplies).
• Destroy everything! If you get frustrated by the dense forest, prune it.
• Three map variations with different starting locations (12, 4, 2).
• Take sides as either the Imperial Stormtroopers or the Galactic Bounty Hunters.
• A snazzy new scenery object...the elusive fern.
• New flags and balls.

Last Updated: Monday, May 17 1999
Copyright © 1999 Lan Mandragoran and Mara Jade
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