Skeleton Archer

By KVLtv.



What it is-

  The Skeleton Archer is a completely new unit using new sprites. The unit is exactly what the name suggests. There are some behavior differences that have advantages, though some were unintentional. There are also some disadvantages to the unit. Explosions and fire do a lot of damage to the Skeleton Archer, and I felt that was in keeping with being a skeleton. Damage from sword weapons also do severe damage to this unit. These skeletons aren't much good in close combat and need to be kept away from any real fighting.

  Since they are "...animated by an unmentionable magic...", arrows don't do a great deal of damage to the Skeleton Archer. This makes the unit very strong in attacks from a distance, but you still have to worry about fire. This unit can also go under water like a Thrall, or a Wight. Going under water had one unexpected result however, and that is that the unit can attack from there too. It is not exactly what I had in mind for the unit, but I haven't been able to find a work around without losing the ability to go under water.

  If you're using this as a unit plugin, you ought to use the Anarchy Ghol plugin along with it. The units were made to be together on a map, as the bomb the Ghol carries can go off under water.

  If you're making a map with the Skeleton Archer, I'd suggest using the Ghol Anarchist on it too. If you don't plan on using the Ghol Anarchist, you should at least have a Warlock and some Thrall so the under water abilities of this archer can be countered.

The Plugin-

  Remove the plugin from the directory it was zipped in and place it in your plugins folder in your Myth II folder. Make sure that the plugin reads Skeleton Archer. To use the plugin, just activate it in the plugin menu while selecting the game to be played while in options. This is used to replace the Archer with the Skeleton Archer.

To Use In a Map-

  Extract the plugin from the directory it was zipped in and place it someplace where you can hack it with Tag Extractor, or Topaz. Add the tags to your Myth II: Soulblighter local folder in their appropriate folders. Feel free to use them on any map you make. Please don't forget to mention me in your documentaion if you do. The modified archer unit tag needs to be deleted if you're using the Skeleton Archer in a map project.



Special Thanks For:


Myth: The Fallen Lords
Myth II: Soulblighter
(C) 1997-98 Bungie Software Products Corporation

Amber 2.0 beta 5 by Vodi (
1998-99 Hans Hvidsten Birkeland

Head Edit by Chris Dreessen
Copyright 1998-99 Chris Dreessen, Badlands

Tag Extractor by Vodi (
1998-99 Hans Hvidsten Birkeland

All the testing done by the OWLs.


  You are meant to use this free of charge. The Skeleton Archer were created by me (KVLtv), and you may use them on any map you edit free of charge. Most everything contained in this plugin is Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Have Fun!!


Myth and Myth II are trademark Bungie Software Products Corporation