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XM Presents.....

**** A Spoonful of Sugar ****

Units Are As Follows:

Firechild: Nothing can escape his lust for fire.

Dummy: Movable target dummies which help shield your dudes during battle.

MaryPoppins: The feminine Jman with a cleaver fetish. He still loves to heal. :)

PeeWee: Lil' Dorfs who toss Bre bones n' lob bottles.

Brigand: Even brigands like a good pillowfight. Feathers fly!

Baron: Sure wouldn't be sweet without a stabbing, ham throwing baron.

Giant: Giant Giant he's our man.. if he can't do it.. no one can!

Archer: I'm too sexy for my bow, too sexy for my bow...

Thrall: Even thralls.... work it baby.

And other sweet surprises...

The map is a modified version of Bungie's, "Ambushed At Night" single player M2 map - now a nice sweet little multi-map! :-)

Disclaimer: XM's maps have been known to cause severe internal hoola hoop microwavable poo poo wrist-watch ice cream sundays. You've been warned.

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