Winter Of Your Discontent is a medium-sized map with four variations. Set on a glacier high in the Cloudspine, the howling wind and swirling snow make every attack a little less predictable. Lots of attention was paid to the ambient sound. Turn those speakers up!
  • Classic: 5 starts. Archers, durfs, ghol, j-men, thrall, warriors, wights.
  • Slugfest: 5 starts. Durfs, thrall, wights.
  • Team Classic: 2 starts. Units same as above, just more of them.
  • Team Slugfest: 2 starts. Units same as above, just more of them.

Assassin targets are j-men. Stampede units are Vista's sheep. Check with them about using sheep in your own creations.

The center start on stampede gets five guaranteed points and must keep the others from reaching the flag. I'm not completely convinced this works, but I didn't want to remove the center start for that game only.

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