Fir'Bolg poison arrows arc towards an unseen target.
Myrkridia patrol a ledge for hostile enemies.
An incredible amount of satchels rain down upon the unlucky units beneath.
Satchels kill a ghol as the game goes into sudden death.
A ghol runs from a burning signal grenade.
Ghols run over a battle-scarred landscape to surround the flag.
Our own Qui-Gon Gandalf puts an end to the opposition. Some locks go hunting.
Another shot of the warlock hunt.


The Weathertop is the first map in Qui-Gon Gandalf's Lord of the Ring map series. WT is a 4-start multiplayer map taking place on the beautiful green hills of the Weathertop. Rolling hills, rushing rivers, and giant mountains make WT a joy to play and look at. WT comes with four meshes: Light, Dark, TFL, and Ghol Riot. TFL should be familiar to vets of the Fallen Lords, featuring units such as the fir bolg, myrmidons, and Mormiths reanimated Forest Giant.

Ghol riot features three modified units: Ghol Anarchists, Ghol Anarchists elite, and Fang Grinder. Ghol Anarchists are a creation of KVLtv. Fighting without cleavers, these ghols carry an inexhaustible supply of bombs, as well as a few satchels. Ghol Anarchists elite have perfected dwarf destruction, using bombs but also a special ability that rains the dwarves own satchels down on their heads. Fang Grinder, also known as The King of the Ghols, is an enormous ghol who debuted in the TFL comic. Only featured on assassin, Fang Grinder is a match for any ghol.

Release Date: October 1st, 2000