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The Wasteland Arena is a megalithic compound built deep in a barren desert to test dwarven weapons and tactics. Wide stone platforms and tall pilings provide a range of tactical considerations. However, it has long since become the battlegrounds for many other armies as well, mannish and otherwise...

Death comes swift and horrible to those who are found unworthy.

However, this plug-in was inspired by the netmap "Venice," and the Light Arena mesh (see meshes) has pretty much the same troop selection. The other meshes provide for a range of other troop selections to be matched against one another on the same terrain.

The star mesh in this plug-in is Slugfest Arena (see meshes), which features the completely new artillery unit, the Sak Cannon (see Special Units). Lots of spectacular explosions to be seen there!

* * * * * * * * WARNING * * * * * * * *

Altered units on these meshes can cause problems if you are unaware that they have been altered. The alterations are not severe, but potentially important. Read Special Units for more details.

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Special Features

I strive to create environments that offer new challenges and tactical considerations (or if not original, then at least those that are not commonly presented).

  • New Units: The meshes "Army Arena," "Light Arena," and "Slugfest Arena" have a great new unit known as the "Sak Cannon." This is an awesome addition to the dwarven arsenal! For more details, see the sections Special Units and Meshes.
  • Terrain: The Dwarf-made hills on the meshes provide both benefit of elevation as well as some maneuvering challenges. Since these factors benefit missle units and are to the detriment of melee units, range attacks are significantly more potent than on other maps. Be warned!
  • New Scenery: I have created new scenery objects to go with the terrain of this map, Stone Pilings and Desert Trees:
    • The Stone Pilings provide some cover from missle units, and a minor detour for movement.
    • The Desert Trees, though treated like all trees in the Myth engine, are more for show than anything else. These provide little cover, but do still detour movement to a lesser degree.
  • New sounds: New ambient sounds have been added to these meshes, further enhancing the flavor of gameplay. These sounds were lovingly crafted by Rutanicus of KRO.
  • Altered units: Some units have been altered to customize game play on these map. For more details, see the section Special Units.

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There are 5 meshes in this plug-in: Army Arena, Dark Arena, Hero Arena, Light Arena, and Slugfest Arena.

All meshes are identical except for troops selection and number of start positions. Each mesh has 4 starts, except Army Arena which has only 2.

The meshes are detailed as follows:

  • Army Arena.

This map is a 2 start with a large number of units per team. For this reason, I recommend that each team have at least 2 people or more per team. This is a great mesh for Territories or Flag rally games!

Units: Archers, Dwarves, Ghols, journeymen, Stygian Knights (see Special Units), Warlocks, Warriors, Wights and Thralls (Assassin targets only).

Note: In addition to the normal troop selection, one non-tradable Sak Cannon is added at Heroic difficulty, and another is added at Legendary difficulty (see Special Units for more details).

  • Dark Arena.

    This map is a 4 start featuring a few of the more brutal dark units. This is a great mesh if you like to play fast and furious games of any sort.

  • Units: Dwarves, Fetches, Heron Guard Heroes, Myrkridia, Soulless, Stygian Knights (see Special Units), and Mauls (Assassin targets only).

  • Hero Arena.

    This map is a 4 start and is populated mainly by hero type units. The unit selection is tight, since point costs are high and irregular -- I suggest a bit of extra planning time until you get the feel for the trading. The heroes make for fierce and glorious battles.

  • Units: Archer Heroes, Beserk Heroes, Dire Ghols (see Special Units), Heron Guard Heroes, Mortar Dwarves Hero, Warlocks Hero and Mauls (Assassin targets only).

  • Light Arena.

    This map is a 4 start with a more or less "Venice" unit selection (Warriors have been replaced with Beserks because a bit more speed and strength are needed to balance the fighting). Excellent mesh for Territories or Flag Rally!

    Units: Archers, Beserks, Dwarves, Ghols, Journeymen, Thralls, Warlocks, Wights, and Brigands (Assassin targets only).

  • Note: In addition to the normal troop selection, one non-tradable Sak Cannon is added at Legendary difficulty (see Special Units for more details).

  • Slugfest Arena.

    This map is a 4 start featuring Dwarves and their explosive gizmos! This mesh is not so good for fast games or games that require a lot of mobility, becuase of the size of the map and the speed of the units. However, this makes for excellent tactical combats, and makes really cool messes!

  • Units: Dwarves, Journeymen, Mortar Dwarves, Thralls, Wights, and Sak Cannons (Assassin only, see Special Units for unit details).

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Game Types

The following game types are available on all meshes (specially denoted where needed):

  • Assassin. All meshes have multiple targets except Slugfest Arena (see meshes).
  • Balls on Parade.
  • Body Count.
  • Capture the Flag.
  • Flag Rally.
  • King of the Hill. The "flag" is a ball.
  • Last Man on the Hill.
  • Steal the Bacon.
  • Territories.

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Special Units

This plug-in contains an entirely NEW unit, the Sak Cannon, and a few of the standard Myth II units that have been altered to enhance play on this terrain.

  • The Sak Cannon, created by Korgath of Creation, is an incredibly powerful artillery unit found only on the "Slugfest Arena." The range of this death-dealer is one of its most horrible features, since it can fire even beyond its own range of sight. However, the devistating power of this blast that propels the ammunition also makes precision targeting at longer ranges very difficult (or just lucky).

    Since the operations of a Sak Cannon is partially dependant on Dwarven alchemical magic, a Journeyman or Heron Guard can destroy it by healing. Be warned!

Sak Cannons only appear on the "Army Arena," "Light Arena," and "Slugfest Arena" meshes (see meshes).

  • The Stygian Knights in this plug-in are not only immune to arrows, but are virtually immune to lightning as well (just short of completely immune). They can also be "exorcised" by healing (like other undead). These units only appear on the Army Arena and Dark Arena meshes (see meshes).
  • Dire Ghols are the most savage of their race. They have vast experience in the art of war (and other unpleasantness), and are accordingly dangerous. They attack faster, and do more damage than their lesser brethren, and so have a cost of 3. These ghols only appear on the Hero Arena mesh (see meshes).

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Screen Shots

Here are a few images that give a feel for the meshes:

This is the Army Arena basic troops (no unit trade). The Sak Cannons pictured here only appears on Heroic or Legendary difficulties.

This is the Dark Arena basic troops (no unit trade).

This is the Light Arena basic troops (no unit trade). The Sak Cannon pictured here only appears on Legendary difficulty.

This courtyard sits at the junction of three arena hills. The pilings are named Kuhd Bhumuhm (Dw "Stone Teeth").

Here is a Journeyman wandering amongst the vents of the Wasteland Arena...

Here are the back steps to one of the arena hills.

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I'd like to thank the beta testers (named below) for their input, Deathwhore for the book (Myth II Handbook) and Soma (for the great textures)!

Special thanks to Korgath for allowing me to use the Sak Cannon unit!

Special thanks to Rutanicus for the KICK ASS sounds!

Beta Testers (in no particular order): Radicus, Rutanicus, BAM BAM(ur dead), Reddog, Kanrui, Timmy, Gafgarion, Magicite, and Cid.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by:


Knights of the Red Order

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