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Wraeththu Presents:

A Total Conversion For MythII:Soulblighter by Bungie

using the background of

Warhammer 40,000 by GamesWorkshop

It is a dark time for the Imperium. A group of The Emperors finest warriors, the Legion Astartes (Space Marines), have rebelled.

Led by the Emperors 2nd in command Warmaster Horus. Horus has declared that he shall become the new Emperor.

Almost half of the Space Marine chapters under Horus' command have joined him, either believing in his twisted view or being deceived into thinking the true loyal marines are "heretics" and the Emperor has gone mad.

Warhammer40K:Heretic is set on the "Death World" of Dirasith near the Eye of Terror. This is one of the first battles fought in the Horus Heresy.

Horus has informed the Space Marines under his command that there are "traitor" Space Marines invading their base of operations.

The Emperor has told the true loyal marines that Horus's traitor forces have established a base on Dirasith and they need to destroy the Heretics.

Parts of both of these messages were received by both sides and by Space Marine chapters in the local sector.
Thus begins one of the bloodiest battles, where Brother Marine killed Brother Marine, some loyal to emperor, others followers of the Heretic Horus.
Many marines could only trust their fellow chapter brothers and killed anyone who was not of their own...


10.5.99-The new maps and Dreanought model are progressing, just a bit slowly. I was also contacted by GamesWorkshop concerning the legalities of my web site and conversion. They were nice about it and things look like they can be resolved and I wont have to shut the site down. 9.23.99-Ugghh!! A Bug. Yes, a bug has been found in the Heretic mapset#1 v1.0. For some reason PC's do not seem to like the scripting for the Death World creatures. During playtesting everything worked fine on all the Macs. But, sometimes the maps with the scripting in it cause games to crash on B.net. So, I have put out Heretic mapset#1 v1.2, this removes the Death World creatures for now and eliminates the scripting. So go download it now and may your games be full of carnage not errors.
On a brighter note, the Dreadnaught model is coming along and all NEW, yes NEW, maps are being made. I hope to have mapset#2 out in a few weeks. Possibly with the two new units. But, that remains to be seen.

9.19.99-It is out!! Finally ready for release, a day early. Go to the download section to see where you can get the plug-in. I am also looking for people who are interested making maps. I plan on getting a group of maps togehter to make a map set#2 & map set#3. Send me an e-mail if you want to make a map. Finally, there is a possibility of more units coming in the future (a Dreadnaught & Medic Marine).


Last updated: 09.19.99