"There are times when fear drops below the threshold of the mind; never beyond recall, but far enough from the instant to become a background. Actions are less thought than done and only in hindsight do you realize the horrors you have witnessed and caused. A kilometer from our first DZ, I felt a bullet whiz past my chin and saw my comrade,whom I had known all through training, absorb the impact of an RPG as small arms fire cut through the men behind him. I knew suddenly and forever that this was war, and I was in it."

WWII: Recon is a map of modern warfare for Myth II: Soulblighter. It requires intricate micromanagement and offers stunning realism.


There is enemy action in the neutral zone! We need intel. Grab your gear and get to the plane, you're going in!

Your Units:

Soldier - "Move it out maggot!" A well trained military man bearing a bayonet, automatic rifle and hand grenades. Never underestimate the damage a single man can do.

Field Cannon - Artillery support for your ground troops. Maybe having all our men hiding behind the same tree, was a 'bad' idea.

The Maps:

  • S-2 - A two team map allowing Terries, Captures, CtF, BoP, KoH, LMotH, Assassin, StB, and Body Count.
  • S-4 - A four team map offering the same game types.
  • Elimination - twelve starts, one Soldier each. Just you against the big bad world. Watch your back, Jack. Play this blind, I dare ya. (Does not offer BoP or CtF)
  • Patrol - twelve starts, a three man patrol at your disposal. Even with only three Soldiers you will have your hands full. (Does not offer CtF or BoP)

There are MANY subtle changes on each map with changes in difficulty. In brief, Cannons and RPG's are limited or non-existant in Timid or Simple, and Legendary offers more weapons, objectives, and MedKits (Look for "Medical Supply Crates" in Elimination and Patrol).

New Features and Highlights:

  • Two completely new units, the Soldier and Field Cannon.
  • New Flag and Ball scenery.
  • Multi-cultural units.
  • New sampled sounds.
  • New weapons (and the stains they leave).
  • New explosions.
  • Natural terrain with unlimited passability. Your tactics are only limited by your situation and imagination.
  • Overhead Map view is limited to the area you have explored, allowing you to pick up grenades and customize troops in privacy.
  • You can throw grenades and special weapons at anyone, even your friends, so make SURE you know what you are doing.
  • Entirely new feel, this is not the Myth you are accustomed to.
Ahhh.. still aren't convinced? Take a look at some screenshots.

Now move it OUT, Soldier!


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