Defensive fortifications were constructed where an old country road forded the "Fleuve Luire." Trenches and landform bottlenecks were used to control the road where the river and its steep banks made vehicle crossings difficult. All that had to be done was stave off enemy soldiers trying to clear the trenches.

The orders that came down from the CP were simple, "Hold the line..."


This plug-in has two meshes; an eight (8) start "patrol" style mesh and a two (2) start team mesh. The map itself is designed around a line of trenches by a sleepy village.

The eight start mesh is named "Squads." Each player gets one soldier per difficulty level. The equipment at the starts also get more diverse per difficulty level (note that legendary difficulty has a machine gun at each start).

The two start mesh is named "Armies." Each team has a number of soldiers and a couple of Field Cannons before trading. A tank is possible, but it will take a great deal of the units in trade.

The map itself is the same on either mesh. Its large (the size of "Desert Between Your Ears"), but play tends to gravitate towards the center. There are areas of wooded dells, a small village, and the river itself on the fringe of the map, but the focal point is the center of the map where a trench complex and surrounding kill zone provide fast and furious play.

Game Types:
Assassin (Field Cannon is target). Extra Field Cannon on Legendary.
Body Count.
Capture the Flag.
Flag Rally.
King of the Hill (drum).
Last man on the Hill.
Steal the Beacon.

Special Notes:
There are no new or modifed units (just the WWII standard Joes) on this mesh. However, there are a few new or infrequently used scenery units. New trees, a village well, and fog scenery (from the chimera collection) spice up the familiar Myth and WWII scenery.

This mesh has 3D fog activated to further enhance the setting. If you want to experience a WWII battle in the foggy wilds of France, then here it is! Its fun, and I highly recommend it! I do warn that all players should collectively either use 3D fog or not, since the fog and scenery combination make for some tricky play -- unless the ones who are using 3D fog are just that good...

Tactical Considerations:
The primary terrain features of this map is the trench compound. This can be a good place to hide from direct fire while tossing gernades or RPG rounds, but it can also be a death trap if you're not careful. Gernades thrown INTO the trenches usually stay in the trenches, thus making soldiers in the trench particularly vulnerable to them. However, the trenches are mostly built on a slope, so the gernades will usually roll "down hill" from where they land before exploding. Either displace "up hill" within the trench, or get out of the trench altogether.

There are smoke gernades scattered around the map, and at each start position as well. These make for particularly good cover in areas of gathering fog (low areas). Smoke gernades also make excellent cover in the trenches themselves.

WWII: Titans original sprites, maps, artwork, sounds, scripting and other materials were created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Craig Goodman (aka Santa's Head at ). Those materials are copyright1999 Craig Goodman.

Thanks to my ordermates Radicus and Rutanicus for their beta testing, valuable input and other important contributions. Thanks guys!

DeathWhore for the MythII Handbook (ISBN: 0-9672897-0-X).

Soma of Creation for his awesome texture vault (available at

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie’s Fear and Loathing by: GimpMask of KRO.