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World War II: Titans -
The long awaited sequel to Recon. Complete with Tanks with vastly improved strategic planning with the included strategy map and overhead.

World War II: Recon -
The first in the series, WWII: Recon is a map of modern warfare. It requires intricate micro-management and offers stunning realism.

Third Party Conversions

World War II at Creation Games -
A list of many World War II maps.

The Camp POW Rescue Mission by Ozone -
The first original coop map using the World War plugin. Involves a rescue mission in a heavily gaurded camp. A very tough and complex level. Look for the easter egg.

Vietnam by Mara Jade -
One of the first maps released that uses the new Titans Unit Plugin. The terrain height is based on actual satellite maps of Vietnam. This map while using the Titan's Unit Plugin does not use the tanks, making it far different.

WW2: Schwarzwald by Electrofryer -
This map also uses the Titan's Unit Plugin, though also forgoing tanks to focus on the soldier combat. If you want to know what the maps theme is look toward the name, which means "black forest". (Updated to 1.1, make sure to have the latest version.)

Red River by Ozone -
The first project to design a whole new map specifically for the World War II soldiers, this map uses terrain and special effects to heighten the intensity of the WWII experience and gameplay.

Amsterdam by KVLtv-
Another urban scenario, the versatile Amsterdam map included game choices in which Santa's Heads soldiers were set in a complex series of canals and bridges.

American Soil by Spanky-
This map set the soldiers in a night setting converted from the solo map, Through the Ermine. The difference in experience from a solo map with Myth units to Multiplayer map with soldiers was extraordinary.

Urban Warfare by Ailil-
The first of the "fourth party" World War II maps, Urban Warfare placed Santa's soldier units in a town setting, resulting in exciting house to house combat.

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