Updated 9-27-99

Well, i added new screen shots and info on the units available so far. There are regular images of the units, then what the units look like destroyed.

The only "possible" slow down in uWAR, is that I am in the process of moving to a new house. The house is only a few blocks away, so I wont be gone that long. But my computer will be off on the 30th, the day i move. I will try to get as much done before the 30th, and i may even have my comp back up on the 30th, depends on how long it takes me to move.

Welcome to the uWAR:SANDWORMS homepage. uWar:SANDWORMS is the first Myth II Total Conversion created by Zepp. The goal is to hopefully make it a Total Conversion, but eighter way it will be a change to Myth.

What is uWAR:SANDWORMS you may ask. Well todays a lucky day! Im gonna tell ya! uWAR:SANDWORMS is a TC for Myth envolving Military tanks of today. There has been 3 months in the making of the models alone. Currently there are 2 tanks completed. And many more added soon. There is also a helocopter added to the list, AH-64D Apache. All new units have new sprites, sounds, physics, projectiles, local projectiles, and anything else you can think of.


As many of you know, there are alot of people out there using Santa's Heads creations without his permission. I may get some bad feedback from some people about this. Please keep in mind that I have taken NO information, graphics or any material from any other project. In the case that i do, I will get permission and give credit where due. My Idea for "Tanks" was not taken from Santa's Head's "Titans", nor am I competing for the "number 1 tank game" ;) Hey! Who knows?? Maybe someday santa and I can incorporate the 2 conversions together and have 1 big Deathmatch! ;)