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1982 was an important year in our lives. We were young, many changes were happening to us, and its the first period of which we have significant memory. We watched Ronald Reagan get elected, we saw Devo's "Whip it Good" video that seems so silly, now, and we started thinking about the clothes we wore and girls. But the thing that stands out above all the rest is the movie TRON, which was released in 1982.


In the era of somber and depressing movies like Kramer v. Kramer, TRON was a God-send. We begged our parents to take us to the theatre time and time again. When it came out on VHS, we saved every last bit of money we got our hands on until we could afford to buy it. It was the defining movie of a generation of video game players. The impact it had on hundreds of thousands of computer-gaming enthusiasts cannot be overstated.

The cement that held it all together, of course, was the TRON arcade game. We wiled away hour after hour in front of that game, plunking quarter after quarter into it and out-racing lightcycle after lightcycle. Remember the first time you went against three 'cycles with the speed button down for the whole race? Remember wearing your wrist down against all those bugs?

The TRON legacy has slept for well over a decade now. But the time and opportunity has come at last to breath new life into the legend. Myth 2: Soulblighter is a rich and powerful game that allows options that no other game before it did; it's the one game sophisticated enough to bring the movie and original arcade game into the 3D world of computer gaming.

It is this common heritage that compels us to attempt this ambitious project. Moreover, we want to push the envelope of our skills as programmers and artists. We want to find the very bounds of the Myth 2: Soulblighter engine. We hope to challenge the very assumptions about what a real time strategy game should be. Our plans are grandiose; at the very least we hope to have something that will please not only the legions of TRON fans out there, but also those who are always looking for new challenges in video gaming.

This page is a work in progress!  Check back often for new updates and the latest on the TRON Total Conversion for Myth 2: Soulblighter!

Last Updated August 3rd, 1999

Disclaimer: Several of the images on this page were taken without permission from the myriad websites devoted to TRON the movie and TRON the arcade game.  It is not the intention of the sites maintainer or the Geezers From Hell Map Making Guild to profit in any way from them

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