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Star Wars is coming along very slowly, but it is coming. We are just about to get started with the new units and you should see some upcoming shots, so stay tuned!


While Star Wars has gone through many renditions, and even died at a time, this TC, which was TMBM's origional project, lives on. Star Wars will be a total conversion that rivals any come before. Why? Because EVERY unit will be replaced, from soulblighter to squirrels. There will be new sounds. There will be amazing new attacks. We also plan to create (for a start) two classic multiplayer maps to go with the tagset; Endor and Hoth. These will feature a few planet-specific units, and several more maps will be created later on. Our soon-to-be-animator, Ernie, will be animating the units, due to his love of star wars. Therefore, this project will be on hold until he takes his class on animating. While this will be some time in the making, it will be worth the wait.


The list of Star Wars units is so humongous, it would kill Jabba. This TC will be the DEFINITION of a TC, replacing every unit, from warriors to alric to birds. Some of the units include wookies, astromech droids, jedi, stormtroopers, and more!

Release Date: Unknown