Fields of Glory

Napoleonic Total Conversion for Myth II - NEWS

12th September 2000 (IronDuke)
"It is ever so with the things that men begin: there is a frost in Spring, or a blight in Summer, and they fail of their promise." - Gimli. Just thought it was apt.

7th September 2000 (IronDuke)
Not good news, I'm afraid. My real life job has changed, and this leaves me with significantly less spare time from what I had. I've got enough time to beta-test a friend's maps, and slowly script a standard myth solo of my own, but modelling takes long periods of concentration to get anywhere, or it does for me anyway. So, in short, I realistically can't see this conversion going anywhere in the foreseeable future. I'm not cancelling it or anything - its just that I doubt I'll make any progress anytime soon. I'm really sorry about this, particularly towards guys like Patric & Belgarath who have been working on things, but its due to factors beyond my control. If I ever get the chance, I'll be back at work on this, and I'll let everyone know!

22nd August 2000 (IronDuke)
Ok, another update. It seems Myth formations cannot be modified, so this means NO SQUARES. Ouch. For a while I thought this was so serious that the whole conversion might be a waste of time. But then I played around some more with animating a softdeath sequence, remembered how much fun it is, and decided to carry on. We'll use the circle Myth provides, we'll make it tightly packed, and hopefully things will work well enough.

Don't worry about the negative tone of the previous update. Although this might take ages to be completed, work is being done, and there's enough Napoleonic fans around to see it through.

2nd August 2000 (IronDuke)
Time for an update. Patric is busy recording new sounds, and Miggins has started playing around Photoshop, getting units ready to import via Amber.

Me? Basically I've been overwhelmed with real-life work in the past few weeks, and have only found time to do snippets of modelling here and there. Obviously this is not going to get the job done, but its hard for me to see how this situation is going to improve.

Anyway, the status of the conversion is as follows:-
  • Units are about 70% modelled, about 40% of sequences animated, one unit fully rendered, none imported into Myth yet.
  • Maps: no work done.
  • Fear work, necessary to get routing, formations & so on happening - no work done yet, but plenty of theoretical discussion.
So how long with FoG take? I'm really not sure, but it won't be quick. There's a hell of a lot more modelling for me to do, and its hard to estimate when this'll be done. I originally expected to do the other stuff (Fear etc) as well, but realistically I'll need people who are already experts in this to step up to the plate. In all probability, I'll only model the units. Someone else will import them into Myth, and others will get them happening via Fear.

In fact, thinking about it a bit more, I'd really prefer one of the major mapmaking groups takes over the running of the project, and apart from modelling my role would scale back to one of visionary advice and playtesting. So if you, learned reader, are from such a group and would like to take this conversion on, I'd love to hear from you.

Ah well, guess I'm tired today, hopefully things aren't quite as grim as I've made out :)

4th July 2000 (IronDuke)
My kingdom for an oss! Yes, thanks to Palx, I have a horse model that I can use. Now I just have to animate the thing. And a special welcome to Patric Cohen, who is having lots of fun with the audio side of things.

21th June 2000 (IronDuke)
In spite of all the fuss over Bungie, and the loss of the Mill, Fields of Glory will continue development (just in case anyone was wondering).

19th June 2000 (IronDuke)
A few more units displayed here.

16th June 2000 (IronDuke)
Belgarath joins in - welcome!!

15th June 2000 (IronDuke)
Animating, animating. This will take some time. Added Dragoons to the unit list.

7th June 2000 (IronDuke)
French skirmisher (Voltigeur) re-equipped with a musket rather than a rifle.

2nd June 2000 (IronDuke)
Hello everyone, welcome to the Fields of Glory site. The current status of this conversion is as follows:-
  • Unit modelling - about 60% done.
  • Unit Rendering - about 10% done.
  • Amber 0%
  • Map creation 10%
  • Fear 0%
  • Loathing 0%