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Two brand new screenshots of our map that is getting worked on the most, the Stair of Grief. Look for more soon!!!!!!!!


DoG takes place a year after the defeat of soulblighter. As the empire rebuilds itself, Phelot gathers the remaining armies of the dark, determined to take back the lands of myth. The levels follow the experiences of a ghol, Knasher, through some of the more exotic areas of the myth lands. Expect some exciting plot twists, new characters, and good old fashioned myth fun! DoG will feature several modified units, as well as two all new units, which will be featured in a later solo campaign.


The units in DoG will not only include all original bungie units, but also 1 modified unit and 2 brand new units! Here's the description of the modified unit:

Ghol Shaman: A very powerful and fast ghol. The ghol shaman is larger than the average ghol and has a devastating Cloudkill attack, as well as his cleaver. While this attack, which lasts at least 30 seconds, can destroy large groups of mer, watch your mana, sometimes you might be stranded with no power and no place to go.


A Ghol Shamans reddish cloudkill eats away at a group of warriors. Farmer John receives a less-than-warm welcome from the warriors at the gate to Tallow. The players wights take care of the inner gaurds, as well as a few of the players thrall.
Death to an army with a huge explosion!
Small battle with a few Myrks, no problem for the warriors and zerks.
An army of thrall wastes these pathetic warriors.
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Sorry, this image no longer available
A few ghols sneak up on a small camping party. There goes that camping party. BOOM!

Release Date: Unknown