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Counter-Strike is officially underway, and the creating of units is beginning. We have a special treat coming up soon on this page, so look forward to it!


Counter-Strike was an idea created solely by A-Bomb. It is based on the modification for Half-Life that A-Bomb plays too much ;). It will feature all new units, scenery, sounds, maps, models (when Apathy comes), and much more! The vast difference strategically will depend on how you manuver your men through blockades and into warehouses rescuing hostages or defusing a bomb inside a bank! This amazing TC will come to you with and unbelievable bang! Don't blink an eye, or you might miss this one!


All the units in Counter-Strike will be fully rendered and animated by MPM, Ernie, and Joyeuse. You will have to give these guys a whole lot of credit once they are done, because this plus Star Wars is not gonna be an easy task. Here are all the units planned for CS, more still may arrive:


SWAT Officer: This man is just what any SWAT team needs. He is armed with an MP5 and carries flashbangs. Dressed in black clothing, wearing a helmet with a plastic shield for the eyes, and black boots, this man is armed for combat. He is also wearing a tactical belt which is where the flashbangs are stored. He is a player's primary weapon.

Shotgun SWAT Officer: Dressed exactly the same as the SWAT Officer, except in a navy blue, this guy packs a punch. He is armed with a Benelli 12 gauge shotgun and heavy grenades, which cause some damage, but not too much. He is not a man to be taken lightly and is normally used for the frontal assault.

Bomb Squad Member: Wearing almost casual clothing, but used for tactical situations. Wearing the lighter clothing allows this man to move faster than the others. He has very low armor and has to be gaurded well. He also carries a backpack which holds his special tools to disarm any bomb that Terrorists might have planted. Very weak, but very important in a bomb diffuse situation.

SWAT Sniper: Long range and very deadly. One shot from one of these guys and your dead. They are armed with a Artic Warfare Magnum (a.k.a AWM). The AWM is one of the most accurate and deadly sniper rifles ever created. However, don't get him in close situations, or else he is in trouble, the AWM is not a close quarters weapon. He is dressed to match natural scenery, so it can vary from map to map, however he is mostly dressed in very dark wear and has no mask on, but a headband.

Assault SWAT Officer: The assault man is one to lead your element into the building where the Terrorists are holding up. He is armed with a Colt Carbine and smoke grenades. The colt is one of the most accurate guns and very deadly, it is also silenced, so it is harder to hear. This man is dressed in VERY heavy armor and moves pretty slow. (MPM will have to make this guy look bigger, by adding kevlar vests and stuff).


Grunt: This low-life just wanted some damn attention, so he joined up to become an illegal prick. This guy is armed with a Glock pistol and some smoke grenades. He is dressed like a punk, jeans and a ratty shirt. He hasn't shaved in a day or so, so he is getting a beard, also messed up hair.

Terrorist: This man has been in the business for a while and knows the jist of things. He is armed with an AK-47 and heavy grenades. The AK, although inaccurate, is one of the most durable and strongest weapons ever. He is stronger than the Grunt, but far away, this guy is easy pickens. Dressed in black and gray army pants with black boots, black T-shirt, and a black ski mask.

Highly Trained Terrorist: This guy has been in every situation possible, been throught "Terrorist training", and is one hell of a killer. He is armed with a SIG Commando, arguably the strongest automatic rifle ever used. The SIG is usable from all ranges, considering it has a scope on it (that will be his special, to use the scope). He is also heavily armored with kevlar. Dressed in a white sweatshirt with a hood, black pants, and black boots.

Terrorist Sniper: Identical to the SWAT Sniper, besides the fact he has a G3/SG-1 Automatic Sniper Rifle. This rifle isn't a one shot kill, but holds 20 rounds and can fire automatically. Very strong if he gets a guy standing still like a fool. ;)

Bomb Planter: This guys is devastating. He ruins the whole some C4 he plants. The C4, of course, doesn't go off until the game time is up, so it gives the SWAT team a fair advantage to get to the bomb and defuse it, considering that will take about 15-20 seconds. Creating the 15-20 second defuse time will eliminate some camping, and therefore make the game more enjoyable.

Innocent Bystanders

Hostages: Hostages should be dressed like normal people. Just a variety of ways. Of course, these are the people that have to be rescued by the SWAT team.


The maps in Counter-Strike will vary completely from anything that you have ever seen in Myth II. They will look like modern day places, such as banks, warehouses, train stations, military bases, etc.Not only will they be from modern day, but they will contain all new scenery, models (when apathy arrives), and detailed color maps! Here are a few maps that have been thought out:

cs_bank: This map is going to be pretty simple, but it will have some strategy to it. It will be located in the middle of a city and on the corner of an intersection. The CT's will start outside the bank and have to use strategic ways to get inside. The T's will begin inside holding 6 hostages. There will be two main entrances to the bank and a service entrance which has to be blown up in order to get inside of it. The T's will have various cover inside, from turned over tables and other furniture. They need to use it well in order to win in this one. Author: A-Bomb ~TMBM~

de_militarybase: A highly anticipated map which will take place at a military base. The T's have broken throught the security of the base and are ready to plant a bomb in the main base complex. Inside is a nuclear reactor which will be blown up with the C4 if the CT's do not reach it in time. There is a large chainlink fence and a main gate before the base. Inside are two large buildings, and one is larger than the other. The T's will start in both and will have to escort the Bomb Carrier to the main building before they can plant it. If the CT's get to the Bomb Carrier before he plants they will win, and this will most likely not happen. There is one entrance to the smaller of the two buildings and two entrances to the larger one. The CT's can enter through the main gate or through a hole in the chainlink fence, the choice is up to you. Author: A-Bomb ~TMBM~

More maps will be added very soon. If you have a good idea for a map and want TMBM to think about it e-mail me here!

Game Types

Hostage Rescue: Very simple. Terrorists have taken hold of some innocent hostages, the Counter-Terrorists have to rescue them. You need to rescue them all in order to win without killing the whole T team. If one dies, you have to eliminate the Terrorists.

Bomb Defuse: A Terrorist team is carrying a C4 bomb and are ready to plant it, either reach the Bomb Carrier or defust the bomb before it goes off. If the CT's do not defuse the bomb before the game time is up, they lose and the T's win.

Release Date: Unknown