Mission one: Shattered mirrors

It has been nearly one hundred and twenty five years since the last Great War. That was the war the leveled the cities of the world, that was the war which saw nations crumble into warring clans. That was the war that first saw the steel titans that the modern day clans call Mechs. Since those fabled times of fire and chaos, the world has lost itself in its own struggles. What once were the greatest nations of the world have devolved into a system of warring clans, each vying for the others resources and land. The great minds of today who, a mere two-hundred years ago, would have been masters of art and science, now use their mental powers to devise new titanium behemoths to conquer their enemies. Our story takes place in what used to be called Mongolia, a desolate, blasted land of snow and grasslands. In the ancient times these lands were said to have once spawned an empire, stretching from the Dragon Throne of China to the lands in the east, shrouded with legends. Those times are long gone. We are the Clan Batara, taking our name from the ancient capital of these lands, Ulan-Bataar. The city was long ago destroyed by the titanium giants, but its name lives on through us. We make our home beside a lake and our lands are rich, or as rich as lands get in these parts. We have two neighbors and rivals. The first and most important is Clan Kublay. Taking their name from the old dynasty that once reigned in these lands, they say that they can trace their blood all the way back to the Khans of old. For as long as we remember our two clans have been at odds. They are a rich clan and have a large army of Mechs at their command. Thus they are our greatest threat. The other clan nearby is Clan Khurgan, named after the old nomads who once roamed these lands by horseback. They have a neutrality pact with both Kublay and us, and do not take part in our hostilities. We have just captured a Clan Kublay mech and are bringing it back to our lakeside base. Once there, our scientists will find the best methods of destroying it. This could give us a slight advantage over our rival clan and any advantage is welcomed. This will not be an easy journey, as the Kublay are a proud people and will not easily let one of their prized possessions fall into enemy hands. We must be prepared for the fight...

Author: Discordia

NEWSJULY ,1st, 2001


Hi folks! The monthly update (yes...why be ipocrit? It's the only type of update i'm able of these times!) But, i have a little surprise! So, to make a long story short i officially state here that from now on the update WILL be monthly and that except an exceptional case this rule is to be considered as effective.

Before let me say that if you still check this page once in a while, you are a hero! You deserve all the love i can give to a human being!:) Remember to look at the forum, there you will surely find life signs rather than in the homepage of Batara. And now go check the screenshots page cause there are few (6-six) new screenshots with some fireworks. I started using Snapz Pro to take screenshots (thx again for the hint lank!:)) and i'm planning to use the features this little nice soft gives to take movies and make a second one with new units and maybe some sound (who-hooo!).

As soon as i can fix a date with the person who should read the pre game texts i will record these parts and i think that in a pair of week we should have those things finished (i hope...).

I hope you're always having a blast and a 'hole lotta of fun!

Bye for now. palx, for the Batara crew.

What is Batara?

Well, the answer to this question is quiet simple. "BATARA" is, would, could be a Total Conversion of Myth 2: Soulblighter, one of the best computer games ever created, imho.

The main theme of "BATARA" is...huge mechs with huge weapons. Who amongst u can remember a glorious anime series from Japan called "Gundam" and, later, another called "V-Gundam", knows , more or less, what could be expected and what I'm looking for with "BATARA".

I'm not, and here I want to be really clear, I'm not trying to use in any manner or way, in any aspect of the TC, the characters or models, used in those two above-mentioned series, whose rights are owned by Bandai. I've just been inspired from. All the models represented in this site and in this project are originals created by me, palx, a kind individual living in Switzerland. If the goal to create a real, good TC, which needs lots and lots of work from enthusiastic people, could not be achieved...well, I would release the units anyway and see if anybody could make good use of it. Provided he can stand clearly where he has obtained those unit.

I would end up with six units, three for light and three for dark allegiance. I really care about any suggestion anyone can provide:

- Quality of models

- Quality of sounds

- Suggestions about new types and new looks for new units

Yes you get it! I need also to know if there is some kind of even vague interest for the work I'm doing..otherwise I will continue to develop the units for me...lonely slaughtering those boring Soulblighters whose corpses are piling up to the sky.