Unity: The Read Me

By Ripp (formerly known as Havok-ise-zumi)

{I got kinda tired of the long name, and since Ripp was an old nickname I thought it appropriate.}

The current versions of Unity are: Unity1.1 (unity1_1.gor) and Unity2 (unity2.gor). They work together providing different and varied maps based on the original textures in Bungie's Myth: The Fallen Lords™.

Unity1 was a compilation of maps from the 'old' plug-in days of Myth_TFL v1.1 and v1.2, but, since bigger and better tools have made themselves available, major revisions and improvements have been possible. Unity2 was the result of these improvements and the desire to provide a large, diverse and fun-for-all map pack.

Unity2 was expected to replace Unity1, but many mythers expressed their love and affection for the now classic maps (well, some of them anyway). Since Unity2 maps used the same tags as Unity1 maps (and the meta-server on Bungie.net™, there was a need to update either Unity1 or Unity2. Now, Unity1 was smaller so we decided to update it to Unity v1.1.

This gave us the opportunity to include some new (and hopefully our last until Myth II) conversions. The topics below discuss some of the new features which Mythers may find confusing with some of the unity maps.

A Note on World Knots: While making world knots is not difficult, it is difficult to get them right in a netplay situation. I have removed the one and two way world knots from Smiths and MaD sKiLLz because of their limitations in Myth 1. Perhaps with Myth 2, we will see improvements and then the knots can come back.

Some Unity Features

Open Passability

There is No Shelter

Riots on Smiths

Himalayan Hangover

MaD sKiLLz


There are three meshes that use abnormally open passability. Since the maps were solo level maps, they originally had large mountainous areas which were entirely blocked off so that no unit, not even soulless, could wander. These areas were opened in an effort to free up these awesome battle zones and allow for the development and more frequent use of new and more ruthless strategies that utilize height advantages. (Note: No Shelter has only the white chalk cliffs in the center ring set as sloped, so it is a spider and soulless zone, and those units are abundant on the dark versions. Enjoy!)(Note: MaD sKiLLz has been opened up so that only the river in the middle has 'thin ice' which ghols can cross at will but that other units will have to find thicker ice. Hint: Look for the river grass.) While some experience despair at not feeling safe anywhere on a map (deal with it), others have expressed interest in setting up and executing elaborate battle plans to take advantage of this opportunity. Please send us your films. We would love to see these new strategies in action. Note: While the mesh has been opened, the edges - borders have been sealed as impassible, so click away and see where you can go.


Gladiator Units


Many people have expressed concern that while they enjoy riot maps, the dorf riots entail less chance and strategy than ghol riots. This is a result of the power of the pathfinder unit as a 'super-hero'. To provide a further challenge, the coliseums and their gladiators are introduced with Unity1.1. Gladiators are normal dwarven heroes (Olegs) who have exchanged their ability to lay satchel charges for the ability to heal with a special ale made with the journeyman's famed mandrake root. This provides the additional challenge of preserving your veterans during the course of a game, because each gladiator killed yields 3 experience points for the victor. Welcome to gladiator life: short and sweet.

Kill el Bastard




Providing some variation on the assassin theme. Make sure to test out the LemurStick of Stoning (Priests and Jmen are immune to it) and read the priest's story for the object of the game. Another secret: the unit which actually gets the kill on the priest is awarded 20 experience points to aid you in your quest for the next priest down the line or for the defense of your own priest.

Tilt Maps

Most all of the original net play maps have been 'tilted'. This provides the player with all the units that the map can hold (was designed to hold). More specifically, you are given the maximum of all the units which normally appear on the map. This allows for new levels of strategy and intimidation since the larger armies can more easily be split between multiple players on the same team. While this is great for 10 player - 5 team FFA (Free For All) games, it is also good for 2 team play on these same maps. Note: Many of the maps have had their flags moved in order to accommodate the increased armies as well as minor modifications which allow for many types of game play.


If you scroll down the game type lists you will find that most (if not all) of the Unity maps have the 'None' game type option enabled. This allows you to play scoreless games (not sure how ranked treats this, does last man standing still win with v1.3?). You see, originally this game provided that the last man standing would win the game in ranked rooms. While this would make some people send soulless off the map in order to at least get a tie, we provide this option in the hopes that some people might just want to play a game, move their armies around and make their own rules for the game. Enjoy yourselves, get out on the field, march around and don't worry about flags and balls, just see who has the best formation control and unit micro-management or whatever suits your fancy.

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