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This map pack plugin is designed for use with the vTFL setting on Myth II 1.5.1.  Many maps in this plugin will crash if launched without vTFL, while other maps will have extreme balance issues without it. Refer to the list below to see which maps are suitable for use without vTFL.




45 multiplayer maps, including 28 team maps and 17 FFAs. Each map contains a massive number of units, allowing for some truly epic battles. Featured with permission are “ultimate” versions of Badland’s classic meshes, ‘Lichen unto Death’, ‘Smells like Death in Here’, and ‘The Great Divide’. On these Badland’s maps, you’ll find unique “LvD” style armies with unit sets such as “Light vs. Dark”, “Good vs. Evil”, “Soulblighter’s Revenge” and “M2 units and physics vs. TFL units and physics”.


Also featured are “ultimate” ports of Clan Bear’s TFL maps ‘Garden of Good and Evil’ and ‘Death in Beggar’s Canyon (slugfest)’ from one of the most classic plugins of all time, ‘Unity 2’.


If that’s not enough, also included are ports of Magma’s classic TFL maps, ‘Grind in the Wabe’, ‘Strife on the Plains’, ‘Grounds for Assault’, and ‘The Haunted Lands’. Finally, all the standard Myth 2 multiplayer maps have been redone with ‘ultimate’ armies.




Because there are so many units, you’ll want at least six players to enjoy these maps. Ideally, you’ll want around twelve players, but even up to sixteen players can easily be accommodated.


It takes a long time to kill real big armies, so game times should be adjusted accordingly. Certain game types, such as Capture the Flag, should be at least 25 or 30 minutes long.


None of the maps use Unit Trading, but nevertheless, ample Planning Time should be set for distributing so many units. For team maps, 2 or 2.5 minutes should suffice depending on the size of the teams.


Initial reaction to some of the “LvD” style maps can be that they’re imbalanced. While practically impossible to balance this kind of map perfectly, be assured that these maps have all been tested and adjusted dozens of times for balance. However, they do require adapting to new strategies that until learned, will make even the most veteran of Mythers play like a newbie. More important than balance, however, is that the games be fun, and we hope you’ll find them exactly that.




Plugin designed and created by ChrisP, with help from Silicon Dream, lank and Deaths Avatar.


Big thanks to mcd and Badlands for loaning some of the most beautiful maps ever made for Myth.


Pregame art and concepts for Unity 2 maps, ‘Garden’ and ‘Beggar’s Canyon’ by Clan Bear. I’ll always fondly remember how much fun the big Underdog games on Unity 2 were.


A BIG thanks to all the testers: Ara, Blessed, Cardinal Fang, Deaths Avatar, Giliath, Gleep, Jagman, lank, Mate, Myrd, Nae’blis, oogaBooga, Pistol Pete, scrapnjack, Shocker, Wismuth, and woof. Apologies to the dozen or so testers I’ve forgotten to mention at the time of this writing.


A special thanks to Iron Duke, Myrd and the rest of the Project Magma programmers, for all their work on Myth II that has made this plugin possible.


Last, but never least, thanks to the Myth community for downloading and playing this plugin.


Playing Without vTFL:


The following is a list of UTB maps that will play fine under normal Myth II 1.5.1.


-UTB- Gimble in the Wabe

-UTB- Strife on the Plains

-UTB- Demise on the Plains

-UTB- Untamed Lands

-UTB- Haunted Lands

-UTB- The Badlands

-UTB- Clash in the Cloudspine

-UTB- Deadman’s Chest

-UTB- Deadman’s Float

-UTB- Killing Grounds

-UTB- Grounds for Assault

-UTB- Drowned Kingdom

-UTB- Drowned Empire

-UTB- Venice

-UTB- Dead of Winter

-UTB- Desert between Your Ears

-UTB- If I had a Trow

-UTB- Fall on Your Grave

-UTB- Fall on Your Spider Web

-UTB- Beggar’s Canyon


Lichen – M2 vs TFL (light) and Smells like M2 vs TFL (light) will load, however these maps will be horribly imbalanced without vTFL. The remaining 23 maps will all fail to load if vTFL is not turned on.




This plugin was created with Bungie tools Fear and Loathing and Bungie copyrighted artwork. All rights reserved.