Thanks for downloading Traitor of Darkness: Village of Valley Deep, the first map in an exciting continuing series by Idiots Mapmaking Collective.



The Kithless were thought to be extinct from the lands of the Province after the Great War, and only occasionally did you see one cross the Cloudspine into the homelands of men.

But one Kithless, a leader under The Watcher in the Great War, has been stalking the edges of Forest Heart, watching for his chance to fulfill his long disappeared master's wishes...

He empowered many of his fellow Kithless with the thoughts of his evil intentions, and slowly the clan of the Kithless grew, composing many more members of their disfigured race...

The time for vigilance is at hand, and another phase of the moon shall not pass before the Kithless have had their revenge...

Take the file: ToD Village 1.0, and place it in your plugins folder within your Myth II: Soulblighter folder...









Beta Testers:

Inferno, True Peril, Malek, Sir Boar, Captain Trips, Fex, Macros, and others who I can't remember :-)

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Crypt of Arianna: A nightmare made map, this new netmap from Korgath features more scripting than Bloodstone!

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