A Few Words From REDDEK

Thank you for downloading Touga. This plugin is the biggest and most auspicious project that I have ever attempted. It was brought about through nearly unfaltering determination and sheer hard work. I made every part of this level myself, and in hindsight I wonder at how much got done in such a short time. I can hardly believe that a year ago at this time I was just beginning to learn how to use Fear and Loathing. I could never have forseen where my interest in editing myth would take me. I have learned how to write map script, how to use Photoshop and how to use a simple 3D modeling program. Touga exemplifies what I consider to be the zenith of my skills in all areas of mapmaking. Touga has the best colormap I have made to date and is, I believe, the most heavily scripted level in existence. Oh how far I have come... Enjoy the Map.











Six and a half centuries ago the world as the people of that time knew it ended. Little is known about the cataclysm, only that for nearly twenty years nature raged against the planet. Earthquakes and floods changed the face of the land while the seas rose and fell with the melting and refreezing of the polar ice caps. When it was over, the old world was gone.

Fewer than a million out of nearly six billion people survived. Though they were scattered in small groups and faced great challenges, the survivors were determined to rebuild. The technological achievements of the past were rediscovered and repaired. In a mere four hundred years, civilization returned from its ashes to a state similar to that of the years preceding the cataclysm, and for more than a century peace and tranquillity settled over the world. Sadly, the prosperity did not last.


Civil unrest spread through the gleaming cities, and the once effective government, founded on the ideals of compromise and cooperation, began to split apart. A dozen or so warring sects emerged from the crumbling republic. Soon, armies clashed on the fields of combat while civilian mobs took to the city streets. Those who tried to moderate disputes and preserve the peace met only with quick and violent deaths. Early in the conflict many of the smaller groups were eliminated or absorbed by the larger sects. Three factions eventually emerged: The Soran, The Ulanni, and the Touga. The war stalled as each group fought a defensive battle against the other two. Years of crushing defeats finally forced the Ulanni to surrender. Unfortunately, they chose to align with the Touga. Though the odds were against them, The Soran managed to force a stalemate once again, and the fighting was reduced to sporadic battles confined to areas where the borders of Soran and Touga met. Each side scrambled to find an advantage over the other. The Touga found one first.

Immense machine factories rose in Touga-held cities, and automated assembly lines ran night and day. Within a month of the factories creation the Touga launched their newest weapon against the Soran. Thousands of military robots swarmed into Soran territories. Nearly every major city was attacked during the first wave, and after six months the Soran had been pushed back into their capital city, Paros. Supported by seven military installations interconnected by hundred-foot high walls, Paros was well prepared to survive a siege. However, as the months became years the Soran came to rely on smugglers and blockade runners to keep supply lines open. That was how we were involved with the Soran. All three of us had reasons to hate the Touga, and we thought the Soran might still have a chance. Apparently, we were wrong.

Two days ago we made a supply run to Paros and picked up an encrypted message destined for a secret Soran resistance group behind enemy lines. As we entered into our escape course, there was a sudden flash of light and a deafening roar. A blast wave nearly knocked our craft out of the sky. The severe damage our ship suffered forced us to land in Tougan territory. Of course, we were captured within minutes. While in transit to the nearest Touga base, we managed to find out what happened to Paros. Apparently the Touga managed to infiltrate the city's defenses. A small group of probes somehow carried a weapon of mass destruction past the walls and detonated it near the center of Paros. A second group of probes has since occupied the ruins, picking off survivors.

The Touga have shown an unusual amount of interest in our encrypted message. They seem unwilling to accept that we have no idea how to decode it. The only thing we can do now is try to escape and see if any hope remains for the Soran and the world...





Dante Shane

Dante was born addicted to cellax, a remarkably addictive narcotic that usually takes the form of a fine blue dust. Dante was more fortunate than others in similar situations. He was taken in by a group of Ulanni priests, who saw addiction as an abomination from which the child had to be saved. If Dante had been born ten years later, he would not have been so fortunate. He would have become just another member of the massive Touga work force or infantry, an estimated three-fourths of which has been dependent on cellax since birth. But Dante was fortunate. He seemed as determined to survive as the priests were to see him live. Considering that four out of every five people who really try to overcome cellax addiction end up dead or insane as a result of withdrawal, Dante's recovery was amazing. By the time he was three years old he could sleep through a night without waking amid screams of pain. At the age of five Dante took his first steps and, remarkably, seemed to possess perfect balance and coordination. Though he did not embrace the mysticism of the Ulanni religion, Dante grew to think of the priests who raised him as his family. Roughly ten years after Dante's birth, the Touga began a program aimed at eliminating the last remnants of Ulanni culture. Religious organizations were at the top of the list. Late one night Touga soldiers smashed their way into the temple that was Dante's home. Dante was seized from his bed and taken away by the soldiers. He never saw the priests again. For the next seven years Dante was raised by the military as a ward of the state, and it seemed he would wind up in the Touga infantry after all. He never fully accepted the Touga, but his desire for food and shelter allowed him to tolerate them until the Touga went too far. During the seventh year of his time in the custody of the Touga, Dante accidentally wandered into a restricted area of the military base that was his home and saw something that sent him over the edge. Several high ranking officers looked on as soldiers loaded barrels of cellax into a supply vehicle bound for a nearby industrial center. As Dante watched in horror, a man emerged from the vehicle and began to pay one of the officers. Dante realized the true nature of the Touga. There were no redeeming qualities in a government that sold drugs to its own citizens. The Touga were responsible for the pain of his early years and the deaths of the only family he had ever known. Dante could no longer stand idle. The loading area was littered with boxes containing, among other things, several kinds of weapons. Dante managed to find some plasma grenades and a machine pistol with little trouble. The Touga had trained him in the use of nearly every weapon in existence, and Dante was ready to put the training to good use. Shouting an old Ulanni battle cry, he opened fire on the group of officers, taking them completely by surprise. Before anyone could react, he rolled half a dozen grenades under the supply vehicle and ran out the bay door as it exploded in a cloud of fire and blue smoke. It took two days for Dante to reach the nearest Soran city. To this day Dante's hatred of the Touga is only surpassed by his hatred of cellax traffickers. He still has the machine pistol he used in his initial escape from the Touga. It is safely stored in the vault of the bank of Paros, and on its handle is a row of scratches. Each one representing a cellax dealer that Dante put out of business permanently.


Michael Dunn

Mike was born the son of a moderately high ranking Touga official. From the moment he entered the world, Mike was assured a place in the massive bureaucracy of the Touga government. Most of his early life was spent grooming him for such a career. Mike was a gifted student, but was never drawn to the job of an official. Science was his true passion, especially computers. After some initial misgivings, his parents realized that their son could have just as promising a career as a scientist as he could as an officer. At the age of eighteen Mike graduated from the academy and was granted an apprenticeship at the Heron Institute of Technology. As standard procedure, all members of the Touga science and technology sector are offered neural chip implants. commonly called "NCIs." These devices are implanted in a person's brain and allow for more efficient use of various computer technologies. User's minds are able to interface directly with computer mainframes, read information from data spheres without additional hardware, and issue commands to Touga robots. The chips do not allow for direct downloading into a person's memory. Information can be stored in the disk space of the implant and reviewed at a later time, but this is no faster than reading the data from a screen. Mike received just such a chip, but his was not normal. A Soran agent who was trying to infiltrate the Touga research and development center had arranged for a special chip to be used as his own implant. Due to a mix-up in the implant office, Mike was bumped one place ahead in line. As luck would have it, Mike got the altered implant. He was surprised to find access codes to some of the most secret Touga projects at his disposal. What Mike found shattered his gleaming illusion of the Touga science sector's devotion to improving the quality of life for all. Every project seemed aimed at either controlling the populace or eradicating enemies of the Touga. Even the project to which Mike was assigned ultimately led to a new kind of weapon. Disgusted by what he found, Mike decided to take his revenge. He copied as much of the information as he could about the Touga's secret projects and headed for Paros in a stolen transport vehicle.


John Darius

I am the only one out of the three of us that has always been Soran. I was born in a small town near the city of Gjol. While I was still a child, the Touga army attacked Gjol, and I was forced to flee with my family. We hid in the mountains for weeks before finding a way to sneak past the Touga and enter Soran territory. Eventually, we settled in Paros, and I grew up in the heart of the Soran Republic. As soon as I was old enough, I followed in my father's footsteps and joined the Soran military. I was well trained and decided to try out for the elite Omega Order. During the tryouts I was trained in the arts of espionage, among other things. As a final test of new recruits, the Omega Order sends them into Touga cities and orders them to return with stolen enemy information. Those who are successful are initiated into the order. The recruits are sent in groups of two. Attempting to infiltrate Touga institutions without backup is practically suicide. I was partnered with a recruit whom I knew by reputation only. His name was Dante Shane. I was aware that Dante had joined the Soran after fleeing from a Touga military training program and that he held a serious grudge against anyone involved in the cellax trade. I learned the details of his early life much later. Dante did not have the flair for the intelligence gathering that I did, but he was definitely one of the most capable firearms experts the order had ever seen. I knew that each pair of recruits was carefully chosen by the order, so I put my trust in their judgment and set out towards Heron City with my new ally. We moved mostly during the night and early morning, but even so we ran into Touga patrols several times. It was these minor scrapes that taught me to trust Dante. I found his reputation as an excellent soldier to be well deserved. We both developed a strong second sense for approaching danger, and eventually we were able to identify the small clues that reveal nearby enemies. We were walking along an ancient road about fifteen miles from Heron City when that very sense kicked in. Without a sound from either of us, Dante climbed a tree and I ducked into the bushes. We gradually became aware of what was amiss. The sound of an engine could be heard approaching our location. A small vehicle came into sight and moved quickly down the road. It looked like a personal transport, which seemed odd because such vehicles were almost never used outside of cities and usually carried fairly important persons such as officers and politicians. There was, however, no escort of any kind. Something unusual was definitely afoot. The same thought entered both Dante's and my mind; this could be the chance we were looking for. Dante took aim at the transport's engine and, after exchanging a quick nod to ensure we were in agreement, fired. The engine burst into a fantastic shower of sparks, and the vehicle crashed to the ground. Dante and I approached cautiously, unsure of exactly what to expect. We opened the door and found something we had not even considered. I thought we would find an officer or agent with a secret message of some kind. Instead there was a scientist hiding behind a seat. Dante ordered him out of the transport, and we were surprised to see how young this particular scientist was. Usually a Touga scientist had to have built up a fairly prominent career over the years to be given a transport. The interrogation that followed explained most of the irregularities in the situation. The scientist was actually an apprentice from the Heron Institute of Technology named Michael Dunn. He apparently fled after becoming disillusioned with the Touga idea of science as a tool of destruction. Fortunately for Dante and me, Mike had some kind of malfunctioning N.C.I. implant that gave him total access to the Heron database. We later found out that he mistakenly received an implant that was modified by the Soran. We decided that the information Mike took with him when he left Heron City was more than enough to qualify as a successful completion of our mission; and since he was attempting to flee to Soran territory anyway, Dante and I took him back to Paros with us. Whatever Mike had stolen was important, and we had several close calls before we got out of Touga territory. Once back in Paros, Dante and I were initiated into the Omega Order. Dante and I said our farewells to Mike and each other. I thought It would be years before I saw either of them again, if ever. A little less than two weeks later, I received my first assignment. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the briefing room and found Mike and Dante already there. We were ordered to go back into The Heron Institute and sabotage the mainframe. The three of us have worked together ever since.





Weapon Switching

Probably the most unique feature of Touga is the ability to find and switch between multiple weapons. Each of the three main characters can use up to six different methods of attack. The weapons are described in detail in the next section. A character can only use guns that he has already found, and weapons collected by one character cannot be used by any other character. Once a character has a weapon, he can use it to attack enemies. To change a character's weapon press the taunt key ("U" by default). The weapons are set in a cycle, and each time the key is pressed the cycle will advance to the next weapon. The name of the weapon that a character is currently using can be seen in the status bar when that character is selected. If no weapon name is shown, the unit is unarmed.



Throughout Touga you will see doors consisting of metal posts. Some will be grey and others will have a bluish tint. The grey doors will open automatically when you approach. The blue doors, however, will require you to perform a specific action before they will open.



There are two types of powerups in Touga: ammo boxes and medkits. Ammo boxes will automatically fill a character's ammo to the maximum. Medkits will restore all of a unit's health. Ammo is only collected by Soran Rebels while Medkits can be used by any unit.



There are two kinds of ammunition used in Touga. Bullets or "Hard Ammo" are used by any gun that fires a solid projectile. The energy reserve, Myth's mana, is used by weapons that fire projectiles of energy or make use of electrical systems in conjunction with hard ammo projectiles.





Nicknamed the slug shortly after its introduction, the laser is a clumsy inaccurate weapon most commonly carried by officers and others who rarely participate in combat first hand. None-the-less, the bolts of unstable energy this weapon fires are powerful enough to bring down most enemies--eventually. The laser was designed with style rather than function as priority, and as a result it is very wasteful of energy.


Machine Pistol

A somewhat outdated but still effective weapon, this mini-assault rifle fires hard ammo in four shot bursts and is the standard armament of the Touga infantry . Bullets are most effective against human foes and often cause a reduced ammount of damage to probes.


Plasma Rifle

A truly admirable weapon and the gun of choice for any experienced soldier. The plasma rifle is a simple and effictive weapon in a modest black and green casing. Unlike the laser which uses the same energy source, the plasma rifle is designed for functionality. It has a more rapid rate of fire, longer range, and uses energy reserves nearly three times as efficiently as its weaker cousin.


Sniper Rifle

The sniper rife is a very powerful weapon used by an elite few in the Touga army. The rifle employs an electronic tracking system to ensure near perfect accuracy. Consequently each shot will use ammo and deplete energy reserves. Reloading and recharging of the rifle are also rather slow.


Kedrex Gun

The Kedrex gun is one of the most powerful in the Touga's arsenal. Invented by Dr. William Kedrex, this gun fires large beams of very unstable energy. Upon impact, these beams explode, producing a blastwave that decimates anything in the nearby area. The Kedrex gun is extremely effective against machines and humans alike.



Sometimes there is just no substitute for a good old fashioned blow to the face. No matter what gun your character is using, he can always employ his hand to hand combat skills when ammo is depleted or the enemy is too close for him to use his weapon effectively.