Torpidinium 1.0 by Fisj

Torpidinium is my third and final map for Myth the Fallen Lords. However you'll find plenty to ooh and ahh over with this one. Yeti was the first, Wop had assassin and Torp has World knots!

Torpidinium is a 1280x1536 size map, wider than mudpit wideways by one submesh. Torp is set in autumn (fall for you yanks) where the trees are reddish, orange and olive and the sunset light casts an orangish glow on the land. The world knots add a whole new level of strategic play where distance is no object and sneak attacks and quick escapes are the name of the game.

Information on Torp

Torp comes with several meshes:

Normal: Standard light setup with most games available

Dark: Dark variant similar to normal but with Dark units.

Assassin (2 team): This is a two team variation of assassin where it acts like capture the flag. When your assassinee is killed you are faded and eliminated.

Ghol Riot: 10 teams 5 ghols each. I have had a large number of requests for Ghol Riot on torp and was pressured into it :P

Thanks to the guys at cb for inventing it, they rock!


The use of teleporters in Myth is nothing new, but no map released to the public has had world knots available in a netgame. Thanks have to be given to Kris Amco for his World knot demo and to Bungie for being perpetually lazy in leaving a partial script in RIP. :P

I have made a few changes to the way that world knots are used. Firstly I have made a few cosmetic changes, the knots in Torp are three pronged unlike the four pronged myth ones. I did this to economize on the size the knots took up because they can provide a barrier in the way of a destination. Its not wise to walk across one unless you want to teleport to the opposite one. Even when you walk across one it may still keep a lock on you and teleport you when walking out of one or even a good distance away afterwards.

The wks (world knots) on Torp are two-way. There are 8 wks and 4 paired ones. When you teleport out of your home one you get teleported into one of the center ones and from there you can go to other ones around the map via the 3 other knots in the center

To show a wk is operational it has lights radiating towards the center similar to Smiths of Muirthemne lights. However I have reduced the number of lights to 40 or so to prevent the map reaching its maximum sprite limit and obviously slowing down slower computers.

Which brings me to my next point, when the lights are not on that means the knot is broken. A knot can be broken by blowing up one of the two linked knots. If you break your home knot then the knot linked to it in the middle ceases to work. This can be used as a strategic method to protect your flag ball etc. Balls cannot be teleported in netgames due to myth's scripting limitations, as fun as it would be it might not be very fair either.

Email me at or see my page at to harass me about bugs and stuff.

Thanks to VR, froob, Bungie, Max, El Bastard, Lord Chromag (for Libram) and all the other Beta testers out there.

World Knot Users Guide

Torpidinium is not a lag friendly map. If you are in a teleporter and are lagged you may well have enormous problems getting units in and out.

Okay here are some hints on why you lost some units to the nethers:

There is a term I call 'blocking' that can happen when you have both knots 'buffers' full with more units either side. This causes the knots to delay beaming the teleported units down because the script avoids beaming down while there are other units in the other knot. This prevents the units from overlapping.

Usually this is fine and doesn't occur often but when you loose a unit for an unexpected time check if you or another opponent has a unit in the knot that won't teleport. Remove the unit and the process should continue.

There is one exception to this if the other knot was destroyed and it had units in it's buffer. Usually this won't prevent the units from beaming down anyway but if there is a unit in the corresponding knot while its broken then he won't teleport and he would have a one-way block. These blocks are hard to get going and cheating with them probably won't be an issue.

Check if your units haven't just teleported to the other side and you forgot to look.

If the teleport seems to be taking ages check for these:

The knot timing is set to teleport units after 10-13 seconds from them first entering the knot. This seems too much for ghols and too little for thrall, but I had to consider all unit speeds. Remember get your units out quickly afterwards.

Is the knot broken? If there are chunks lying on the ground or there are no pretty lights then it isn't working due to someone blowing up one of the two linked knots.

Due to the Myth engine limitations the timing sometimes screws up and the units teleport back almost immediately, while this is annoying there is nothing I can do about it short of recoding myth, its not all that common anyway.

Sometimes the return of your units just takes ages for no known reason, this is extremely rare and usually a symptom of blocking.

Due to myth's limitation on scenery you cannot teleport Bacon or any type of ball. Sorry.

Presets get mangled in Torp .... live with it its also another limitation of myth.

•When a knot is destroyed and there are units yet to be 'beamed down' the destroyed knot model will regenerate. This does not make the knot work again, but it maybe confusing. There will be chunks of wk lying near and the lights will no longer be showing. This should alert you to the fact that the knot is broken and cannot transport units.