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A Solo Campaign for Myth II Soulblighter

Baelden's Journal, September 17, Madrigal

As I begin to write, it is hard to describe the emotions churning inside me. Elation? Foreboding? All of these and more, for soon I shall wield my father Mauriac's sword in battle.

The whole city has been abuzz with rumours since a Color Guard captain and his exhausted company staggered through the world knot, barely an hour ago. He was taken straight to the palace, and in the presence of the King delivered alarming tidings ... news that had us shaking our heads in disbelief even as we listened. Soulblighter is alive, has crossed the Cloudspine with a huge army and is even now gathering at the Plain of Scales, preparing for an assault on Madrigal.

While I was struggling to comprehend Garrick's news, Alric summoned me forward. "This is not a time for doubt, but for action", he said. "The Seventh Legion, a new regiment bearing the King's colours, is yours to command. Fill its ranks today with the bravest men in the city, those without wives and children - for you may not return. Tonight you shall enter the world knot, return to the Plain of Scales, and ambush Soulblighter's army."

Our only hope, Alric said, is to delay Soulblighter's advance and buy time enough to assemble the Legion in Madrigal. The enemy will not expect us, so with luck, our surprise attack could greatly reduce their numbers and throw them into confusion. I hope he is right.

Through the window of my chamber, the setting sun's rays are fading to red. My previous thoughts of valour seem hollow now, and my wise father's words echo in my mind: "Let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall"...

The 7th Legion is a five level solo campaign presently under development by IronDuke and True Peril as part of our Unfought Battles of Myth (UBoM) series. It explores the history (as we imagine it) of Baelden and his men as they battle the dark, and their moment of glory attacking the rearguard of Shiver's army.

Three of the five levels will use Bungie colormaps, given that colormapping is the least of our many skills. The campaign will use standard and modified Bungie units, and the remodelled fir'Bolg Creation developed for Legend of Gor-Ash will appear (with permission from Ares). Also featuring will be TFL-style physics and pathfinding, courtesy of Badthrall :D

We're having lots of fun developing this, and aim to finish it by Christmas, but of course no promises ;)

Contact: andrew_sumner (at) bigfoot.com (IronDuke)