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=-= The Woods Out Back =-=



=== Background Story ===


Excerpts from the History of the Greater Illuvian Lands, Vol. IX: The Second Decline and the Wars of Bone.


"Finally when the Kingdom of Kirathia joined in the conflict, the siege of Traventon was broken and its dread attackers sent into a retreat. With that victory the advance of the dead armies was finally put to a halt and, in disarray, the dark legions fled towards their homeland, harried all the way by the victorious Alliance. It was not a flawless victory, for it was in that battle that the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Osara was slain by Belial, the demon wizard himself. By the time Belial reached the Grey Forest of Dämon he had lost most of his armies and all of his generals but his right hand man, Rahab the Betrayer.


"Retreating into the forest home from whence he had came, Belial seemed the most vulnerable he had ever been. The Alliance, calling upon the gods for favor, decided to follow him into those dread lands and rid the world of his evil at last. Beasts such as this, however, do not die easily. The snake had filled the forest with magical traps and his minions. He blazed a trail to his fortress, with the advancing armies of Good close on his heels.


"It was nearly at the foot of his fortress that he played his last and final trick. Weaving an immense illusion, he confused and separated the Alliance's legions, then one by one began to destroy them with his fell magics and terrible minions. With his pursuers in confusion and disarray, the demon king prepared to kill them to a man, rebuild his armies from their fallen bodies and cover the lands in darkness once again.


"His plans were to come to naught, for among those lost in the woods was Midael, the surviving prince of Osara, and his companions Plesithea and Kerubiel. Plesithea threw the magic from their eyes and they set forth desperately to stop the wizard...



=== Hints and Objectives ===





1: Locate and reclaim as much of your

confused and scattered army as possible.


2: Gain entrance into Belials Keep.


3: Confront and destroy Belial no matter the cost.






 All of your Heroes, (Midael, Kerubiel, and Plesithea), play vital roles. They must survive to complete the tasks that lay ahead and to confront Belial in the end.


Try to reclaim as much of your scattered army as possible before the dread armies locate and destroy them first.


Watch out for the Imperial Guard. They're quick and dedicated and can be quite a surprise.


Even the ground itself is against you in these dark lands. Try to pick where you do battle instead of letting the enemy decide for you.


There are several stages to this level and you must complete each of these before you can reach Belial.


Pay attention to what your Heroes say. They will help inform you with how to complete these various stages.





Don't go beyond here unless you're really stuck....







Before you can enter the fortress of Belial, you must nullify his magic defenses protecting it.


To nullify the Keeps magic defense, you must disharge its magic at the circle of standing stones.


In order to pierce into the circle of standing stones, you must find and destroy the man powering its defensive barrier, Rahab the Betrayer.


Rahab is Belial's general and is somewhere around the map. Most likely running with the pack of wolves he commands looking for confused units of your army to destroy.


Once Rahab is killed, the defensive barrier protecting the circle of standing stones is weakened enough for Plesithea to enter.


While she performs her spells to contain the magic that fuel the Keeps defenses, defend her as she will be completely defensless while doing this.


With the circle of standing stones magic contained, the Keeps majical defenses are nullified.


You can now enter the Keep itself. You will still have to fight your way in however.


The rest is up to you....




=== New Units ===


The Woods out Back is composed of almost an entirely new to Myth unit set created by disc.


The warriors and archers of the forces of good are similar to what Mythers have come to expect, but with different costumes, flavors and histories.


Heroes :


Midael: The sole surviving prince of Osara, he is a master of the bow. He hunts Belial to avenge the death of his twin brother and to rid the lands of his evil once and for all. He is a master bowman, but can also hold his own in a regular melee as a last resort. His bow is an ancient heirloom of his family and can release a powerful strike, summoning up the arrows of his ancestors and releasing them all at a foe.


Kerubiel: Midael's sworn protector and guardian. His family is bound to Midael's royal line and he will readily sacrifice his life for his master. He is an awesomely powerful warrior and his strong armor can withstand many blows. Imbued with holy power, he can heal his comrades, but must pray to regain this power each time he uses it.


Plesithea: Midael's mysterious companion and advisor. She is a wizard possessing strong, but hidden powers. Her main attack is a powerful fireball that can rip through ranks of foes. Her secondary power is the magic used to release your allies caught in Belial's dark spells. She is also adept at destroying magical barriers....



The Demon Wizard's Armies :


Skeletons: Stopped by Belial from reaching the lands of the dead and reincarnating into the cycle, these unfortunates are forced to walk the lands forever clad in their desiccated bodies. They are relatively slow and powerless, but in large numbers can easily overwhelm and tear your forces limb from limb.


Skeleton Warriors: Skeletons armed with simple swords. Animated by stronger magics, these demons are more powerful and faster than their unarmed brethren. Regard them as a slightly less powerful version of your own warriors.


Skeleton Archers: The bow-using counterparts to the skeleton warriors. Similar to your archers, but they've been dead a while....


Skeleton Knights: Ripped from the Life Cycle with powerful charms, these monsters form the elite of Belial's dark armies. They wear decaying clothes and use wickedly sharp scythes and shields. They are quick, intelligent and deadly.


Imperial Guard: Not reanimated from fallen foes of the Dark Lord, but his own elite guard, preserved from the fall of his kingdom thousands of years ago. They are incredibly quick and unbelievably fast in wielding their twin scimitars. They can tear through your forces like hot wind, leaving a trail of corpses behind.


Abominations :


Rahab the Betrayer: Belial's sole remaining general, he is unmatched in his cruelty and evil. He can match an enemy toe to toe with his wicked scythe and can tear them to charred shreds with his vicious magics from afar. He is followed everywhere by vicious packs of wolves that he has raised himself.


Belial, the Demon King: His reign of evil did not end with the utter destruction of his empire thousands of years ago. Instead, he used his brutal charms upon himself, making himself and his closest guards immortal. Slowly building dread armies, he rose again and again to challenge the descendants of those who destroyed his kingdoms. His powers are vast and nigh unchallengable. Within his homeland, the Grey Forest, he is almost unstoppable....



=== Credits ===


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Unit Touchups:


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Disc & GHOST®



Imperial Guard Unit:


Skeleton Knight Unit:


Skeleton Knight Unit:




Gloria Leo


Mark Pence


Mark Pence






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