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The Wild West, a conversion for MythII:Soulblighter like no other.

With the introduction of WW2:Recon, the world saw what could be done with the MythII engine. Shortly after, followed some great works from Fantasy to Sci-Fi, including but not excluding: Worlds Collide, Discovery, and the numerous Marathon Conversion spectaculars. With these, eras were being covered, time frames tackled, but there were a few holes left open...

So seeing the gigantic hole of the old west, hanging there in a slump, swimming in its own drool, we decided to step in and help fill it. The idea of the Wild West was born. Now here it is.

• All new color map.
• Four net meshes.
• Solo mesh.
• All new units.
• New ambient life.
• Professional new sounds.
• Destroyable stuff.
• New weapons and effects from them.
• New and altered scenery.
• Meets Bungie quality.
• And new surprises you will just have to wait for...

Small gunfight.
Outlaw throwing dynamite.
Dangerous dynamite.


- Now Available! -

- Randall Shaw
- Michael Milvich
- Johnny Biebesheimer
- Gary Simmons
- James Head
- Robert Shaw
Copyright 1999 Bar 7. All Rights Reserved.