The Vessel

A new map for Myth: The Fallen Lords


    The Vessel was designed from the ground up with gameplay taking priority over all other considerations. The map has been planned in such a way as to promote very interesting fights and battles (much like Bungie's map, For Carnage Apply Within), and features several different meshes for ffa and team play, with a wide selection of units. The Vessel also features a quality, handcrafted colormap. Natural colors and breathtaking views compliment the already rich and diverse playing experience.

Realistic topography and riveting gameplay


    One of the main ideas behind The Vessel was to mimic playing in an actual high-relief environment. If you have ever tired of trow walking around a cliff they could scramble over, this map is for you. The canyons in The Vessel are truly canyons, and the term "height advantage" takes on a whole new meaning here. In this map you will find that units are truly at mercy to the terrain; Box canyons, exposed valleys, insurmountable cliffs and dead-ends are just some of the many threats posed to players. And lets not forget about your bloodthirsty friends waiting just around the next bend...

    The Vessel also features well thought-out units sets. This isn't an "Alric vs. Balor" type of map, nor does it feature any modified units whatsoever. Instead, unit sets work well and are balanced, and you wont need to consult a manual before playing. There are several versions, which cover ffa and team play, with several variants of each (lightish sets, darkish sets, etc.). Although The Vessel was intended to make better use of gametypes such as flag rally and territories, it also works very well with some of the more popular gametypes such as last man on the hill or body count.

A few notes about screenshots and such


    Things such as the overhead and the desktop pic are fairly straightforward, however some things need to be more fully explained. Scenery shots feature the map, sans units; Good shots of features of the map like scenery, waterfalls and canyons. Unit shots show some units walking around the map; No fighting, but good for scale and such, plus there are some nice views. Fighting shots should be self explanitory... Bits and pieces for all. Flag battle shots cover a battle of a terries flag in a game that Evil of the MIAcb and I played on the two team mesh. Its rather gory, and the fight rages back and forth.

    All screenshots were taken with software rendering.


Screenshots, Previews & Downloads

The Vessel, Final Version
(3.9 megs)

desktop pic

scenery shot 1
scenery shot 2
scenery shot 3
scenery shot 4
scenery shot 5

units shot 1
units shot 2
units shot 3
units shot 4
units shot 5
units shot 6
units shot 7
units shot 8

fighting shot 1
fighting shot 2
fighting shot 3
fighting shot 4
fighting shot 5
fighting shot 6

flag battle 1
flag battle 2
flag battle 3
flag battle 4
flag battle 5
flag battle 6
flag battle 7