The Ritual Site v1.2

Way back down the trail of time. A covert guild of dwarven Alchemists discovered the mysterious storm metal. Yet low and behold with all their wards craft and guises they could not work it. Everybody knows that the dwarves are stubborn folk. A period of long research began.

One day in the deeps of dwarfdom a spark came to second smithmaster Bergoin Anuilhead. Berogin laboured untill his beard busted the floor. Bringing all the golom craft of his ancesters to bear he forged the "Zorgs". Berogin happily rose to the honoured position of high Alchemist. He died of old age a hero of his people. He was unable to see his creations finish creating themselves. Looking upon the might of their newfound slaves the Alchemists began to feel increasingly uncomfortable.

Infos about 1.2:

I realized that this map gives you a somehow different tactical gamplay than the most maps out there. I'm not going to say all other maps are bullshit, but if you ever gonna play this map you will see what I mean. Ball games are impracticable because of the deep chasm's on the map where u cant go with ur units. But believe me, the chasm's makes the center to an interesting place for amazing koth and lmoth games. And its even great fun for hiding your soulless and spiders. By the way, its impressive to watch the dead bodys/bits flying downward into the deeps. :) Be sure to test out the different game types such as capture the flag or flag rally.

-The bug with the "Zorg" is fixed! Many thanks to Crestfallen who helped me out with this! It works now also on a PC.
-I removed the Zorg's special attack for various> -I removed the Warlock's special fireball I modified for this map. Well, I thought it was fun and fair, but a bit out of balance. :)
-I also fixed some other minor bugs you may will never realize.
-I made some little changes in the units set for both maps (light,dark)

The map contains a light and a dark. There are 6 Starting Locations.

I'm interested in any feedback/comments/criticisms/creative ideas about the map. You can send them to the e-mail address below. Many thanks for your time.


Special thanks to...

...Bungie, for the great tools and game.
...Vodi, whithout his great tool "Amber" we wouldnt be able to create really new units. Thanks a lot Vodi!
...Crestfallen, who helped me to fix the Zorg's for PC.
...John, a good friend of mine who wrote the little story.

I'd like to say sorry for all who downloaded "The Ritual Site v1.0" which was not working correct on a PC.
Note: If you would like to use the Zorg's on your maps, I would appreciate it if you ask my permission.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by : >Soma<,