The Lords of Souls by Haravikk

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A simpleHaxOr which only took about ten minutes, no lack of profesianality though. It is a challenging unit to use and interesting as well.

Primary Attacks

Stab - A simple, slow and not very effective melee attack. Activates automatically when javellins are out of range.

Lord of Souls Paralysis Javellin - A very weak but long ranged javellin attack which paralyses the target. Requires full mana before use.

Lord of Souls Javellin - A more powerful javellin attack with a shorter range.

Special Abilities

Mirror Dream - causes a small unhealable* amount of damage on the caster as it uses up some of it's very own soul, creates a mirror image of the caster which will sit slightly above the map like a normal Lord of Souls. Comes with two units of ammunition, ammunition is standard 'meat' gained from blowing up enemies or pieces of enemies.

Standard Profile

The Lord of Souls is slightly tougher than the standard Soulless and costs 6 points. Like normal Soulless it is capable of floating over any terrain, however while Soulless can't go over Walking Impassable terrain a Lord of Souls can. Lord of Souls has a speed of 32 (0.032 World Units per second).

*Like normal Soulless the Lord of Souls are destroyed by healing spells.

Contact Info

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