The Lands of Three by Iain Simms

A dawn of morning over blood-red skies,

Watching and waiting with vengful eyes.

Waiting, yes waiting for death to come,

Forever will be, only one.

Better watch out for the one, the he,

For you have entered THE LANDS OF THREE

Thanks for Downloading the Lands of Three! You won't regret it!


Strange things have been happening near Trahern's Plain, missing peasants, mass grave robberies, strange shapes lurking in the shadows and even stranger, the deactivation of every World Knot except for one, which is stuttery at best.

All these point to one thing, a Necromancer. But who? No-one has that power, no-one except for Balor and Soulblighter, but they're dead aren't they?

Let's hope so...


Simply place the 'Lands of Three' plug-in into the 'plugins' folder inside your Myth II folder. After this I reccomend moving either your local folder or its contents somewhere else, otherwise it can mess up the plug-in. Once it has been installed simply open up Myth II, then 'shift' - click on 'New Game' and select 'The Land of Despair'. If you want to you can extract any of the tags using Tag Extractor or Topaz from vista ( I reccomend against it however, if you extract the net map then it won't work. Extract the units if you want.


There are three solo maps in this pack, each one has it's own colour map. There is also a net map using the colour map of the last solo map.

The Land of Despair

This is first map. Features include:

*An awesome dark, river covered map.

*Ambient rain that randomly changes throughout the game.

*Excellent World Knot scripting.

The Land of Peril

This is the second map. Features include:

*A brilliant desert map with lava and hills.

*Bonemen which use new sprites by me to appear at random times.

*Various traps that range from easy to hard and downright impossible.

*Moving Lava.

The Land of DOOM

This is the final and most difficult map. Features include:

*An astounding volcano colour that rivals that of the Forge!

*Hundreds of enemies that range from tiny skirmishing forces to massive armies of unbeatable proprtions!

*A Mysterious combination of ambient sounds.

*Various units that shouldn't be there, but are...

*A long labarynth of hills that lengthens the map greatly.

The ######### Arena

A net map that includes the name of the bad boss from the solo maps, a man that should not be there. Features include:

*Excellent five player gameplay.

*Five completely different forces making for very varied and interesting net games.

*A statue of the ######## instead of flags.

*Three of my favourite game types, Body Count, King of the Hill and Last man on the hill.


As well as four great maps there are a few new and altered units.


A unit made by Bungie for use in Chimera. It was extracted from Chimera by God'z Fire ( The ones used here have and extra animation used to make them appear on maps. These are fearsome skeleton warriors that are surprisingly agile but - like most things - can't stand dwarves or Trow.

Primary Attack - Scythe Swing. A simple melee attack like a Beserk sword swing.

Skeleton Archer

A unit made by KVLtv ( This is a skeleton that fires arrows and is much tougher than you arverage archer. Again, I've added sprites so that it can appear on the map. I've also changed the sounds used so it sounds more like a skeleton than a living archer. I also fixed the flaming arrow statusbar icon.

Primary Attack - Arrow. Exactly the same as a light archer's arrow.

Secondary Attack - Flaming Arrow. Exactly the same as a light archer's flaming arrow.

Ellion the Great

This is a haxOr made by me. He is just a slightly better Heron Guard Hero, the insane version is available at the mill click here to get him.

Attacks - Just the same except he has twelve heals and swing his swords a little bit faster.

Secret Units

There is a load of secret units that you wont find out about until you play.


Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing as well as vista's Amber. This pack was created by Iain Simms of S Tech. S Tech and all instances of the S Tech logo contained therein are copyright Simms and Sweeney Technologies 2000. S Tech Myth II unit and map creations division.


God'z Fire for extracting the Boneman and a load of Myth I units available at the mill.

KVLtv for making the Skeleton Archer

Bungie for making Myth I and Myth II.

Spacebar and Malek for joining S Tech


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Once again thanks for getting this.

Haravikk Kh'arr (Iain Simms)