`The Heart'Map Set version 2.1

3 September,2001 Josuiken Koromoya Gengoro Nobushige

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Thank you

@ Thank you for downloading this plugin named The Heart. This is a plugin of Bungie's MythII:Soulblighter.Please put this plugin into "plugins" folder.
My first work "The Heart" map set
This plugin contains 2 multiplayer maps, Broken Cardioroom and Broken Heart room, and some related tags. These maps are the first multiplayer map set I (Koromoya Josuiken) made, so I have no idea how I should improve these maps. Please advise me on these maps. Your advice must be a great help to me. Click here to send me a mail.

My Unique Units

There are 2 kinds of my unique units in Broken Cardioroom. One is Bomb Dwarf, which can commit suicide and blow your enemies or your units up instead of planting satchel charges. The other is Dwarf(Stampede!), which can be used as NETGAME TARGET in "Stampede!" games. Although this map reduces dwarves' fighting power, dwarves are still powerful soldiers. So the more dwarves you teleport, the weaker your troopers are.

Pay Attention to Soulblighter

There is a worship monument a baron built in these maps, but there is not the baron. He and his guards stygian knights are all killed by Soulblighter. Soulblighter must be near the monument. Pay attention to him!

Broken Cardioroom

@This map is a vertical section of human beings' heart. This has 2 rooms One is the "heartlike" room and the other the "surrounding" room. There are many cracks in different parts of the wall of the "heartlike" room and units can passed through them.
Some parts of the wall of the "surrounding" room are hardly noticed, so I warn you to be always careful.

Broken Heart Room

@This map shares configurations with Broken Cardioroom, but is different from Broken Cardioroom in a few points. It is one of the characteristics of this map that there are only mahirs and dwarves in this map. Mahirs are hardly noticed in the "surrounding" room because it has a black floor. To avoid mahirs' attack, dwarves might have to go into the "heartlike" room. But this room is too small and narrow to devote all their energies to their battle for dwarves.So you must find some ways of fighting in this map.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my brother Tetsu and the people who gave me a great deal of advice, and you.

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