The Five Legends was originally a TFL plugin by Crows Bridge Cartographers, exploring the question of "how would all the solo levels play if you just had the units from Five Champions?" As it turned out, they played extremely well with much reliance on individual micro-control in order to overcome numerical disadvantage, and the plugin was very popular on Mariusnet. Its amazing how well you can do even with only an archer hero, a dwarf hero, a regular journeyman and two berserk heroes at your disposal. And how horribly you can die if you make a single error.

With the encouragement of the original authors we ported all the levels to Myth II, aiming at an authentic replication of their work with the exception of "The Road Not Taken", which has a Bow of Stoning rather than a Bow of Incandescence. While we were at it, we continued on and made an equivalent plugin for Myth II's solos, so you get double the fun for your money.


To install these plugins, simply copy them to the plugins folder under your Myth II installation.

Using the Plugins

Activate either "Magma - Five Legends SB" or "Magma - Five Legends TFL", and hold shift down when you hit OK in the plugins dialog to see all the available levels. The TFL plugin requires that you also activate "Magma - The Fallen Levels v2", or else levels will fail to load properly.


Original TFL Plugin: Capital, Crazy Rooster, Judd

Porting and Myth 2 plugin development: IronDuke

Play-testers: Capital, Crazy Rooster, Rubba, Grasshopper, Infininight, Shinco, Father Merrin, Myrd, Grignard.

Project Magma recognizes the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of these plugins made with Fear, Loathing and other Bungie products remain under the prior licence agreements for use of those products.

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