The Fallen Levels is a complete conversion of the original Myth TFL solo campaign to Myth II. With great attention to detail we have ensured that everything is identical to the original meshes, including unit and scenery placement and scripting. The plugin contains the original artwork and sounds, and even plays the original cutscenes if you have cutscene.gor available.

The campaign may be played in 3 ways - in normal Myth 2 mode, with Anticlump activated and using TFL Gameplay. You may find that Myth 2 mode is too easy, as the levels were not designed for accurate/reliable dwarves and archers vs thrall that clump. The plugin does not support use with other tagsets such as WW2 and Bushido, although support for these could be added in the future.

Installation Instructions

This plugin is available in two ways - firstly as a 140mb download of the full file. If this is what you've got, installation is simply a matter of copying the file "Magma - The Fallen Levels" into your plugins folder.

The second method is a 15mb Patch and requires that you have a copy of artsound.gor, which is found in the tags folder on your TFL cd or in your TFL install. The purpose of the Patch is to build the plugin using data from artsound.gor - this is more complex but is obviously a much smaller download. To install using the Patch method, follow these steps:-

You are now ready to play and enjoy The Fallen Levels. If you have cutscene.gor available (in the tags folder on your TFL CD) and would like to view the cutscenes as you play, make a folder in your Myth 2 install called "cutscenes" and copy cutscene.gor to it. On OSX the scenes will not display perfectly, mostly due to their age and the poor support for OSX by the makers of the Smacker library.


Developers: IronDuke, Haravikk, Infininight, Grasshopper

Play-testers: Acrappa, ActiveX, BlackAngel, Capital, ChrisP, Coggs, Dc80s, Doobie, Gastropod, GHOST, Grasshopper, Grignard, Infininight, lank, MBT, Nae'blis, Rubba, Scrapnjack, Skarg, Woden, woof. I apologize if I've forgotten anyone.

Project Magma recognizes the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of this plugin made with Fear, Loathing and other Bungie products remain under the prior licence agreements for use of those products.