It is a story buried under centuries of rumor, embellishment and myth. Told in hundreds of lands and in twice as many languages,
distorted by time, it is still, at it's core, truth. The cursed land, or the stained valley as it's known in the East, a campfire tale to
some, is a haunting nightmare to those whose lives extend far beyond those of mortal men.

Stained blood red by countless wars and poisoned by ancient magic, the sterile valleys are incapable of supporting the flora and
fauna common in the surrounding lands. However, the cursed land has life of it's own. It rumbles and vibrates with incantations
of the distant past, taking hold of men, warping their minds. Comrades become enemies, killing becomes irresistable, death -
the only escape.

Starting locations: 2
Game types:
  Body Count
  Last Man On The Hill
  Flag Rally
  Steal The Bacon
  Scavenger Hunt
Units available:
  Thrall		44 [64]
  Warriors		24 [36]
  Bowmen		14 [20]
  Ghols			16 [16]
  Dwarves		6  [8]
  Journeymen		3
  Mortar Dwarves	2
       (untradable, legendary only)
  Archer Assassins	3
       (untradable, assassin only)
Download it from The Mill

Notable Features:

	- Many new unit flavor texts.
	- Several new Journeyman names courtesy of the beta testers. (thanks guys!)
	- Map design featuring both wide open battle fields and numerous choke points as well as unique
	  terrain features to accommodate a wide variety of fighting styles.
	- Strong assassin target unit balanced with Archer Assassins to provide a slight twist on the 
	  Assassin gameplay.
	- Mortar dwarves available on legendary skill level.
	- Explosive debris scattered about the battlefield to provide a volatile environment.
	- A rather large army, make sure to play with enough people. ;-)

Concept, design, art, and html copyright Me