README for 'The Blade Garden' final version 1.0

ABOUT: The Blade Garden is a medium size map with a lot of scenery and interesting meshwork. There are two meshes, 'Classic' and 'Brute Force'.

MESHES: Classic - This is a 'light' style mesh much like the units on Gimble In The Wabe. Brute Force - This has fairly large 'dark' style teams similar to those on The Badlands but with the option of a Trow on higher dificulty settings. Some game types such as teritories will change with increased difficulty settings.

ISSUES: There are no known issues in the current build. Please report details of any problems at the Ws/Tco open forum.

CREDITS: Concept, design, graphics and webdesign by Dash Ripcock; Landscaping tips by Shaman; Beta testing by Lionheart, Mad Dog, SlugMan, Krille, Cam DeGray and Shaman.

Dash recomends: Adobe Photoshop 6.0.1 for all Colormaps and Grafix.

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