Temple of Bridges

It's a 4-starter map: an old Temple placed on a hill in the center of 5 rivers. To go the short way you have to cross 6 bridges. The long way sometimes is too long, sometimes it's a good trick. Anyway you have to rethink your strategie! It exspecially offers new opportunities to "captures" and "flag rally".


by ReAnimator

Forest Giants
by GodzFire


Forest Giant Note: GodzFire "reimported" the Forest Giants from TFL. It appears that they have more opportunities than was already known. They are able to cross (normaly) impassible terrain and sometimes they even will survive exploding bridges (maybe they are using some kind of unknown ancient magic...) This adds a special thrill and new possible tactics! BTW: Their name will not show up in the trading list (but they are tradeable).

Just unzip the plugin into your "Myth\Plugin"-folder and have fun!

Please send me your comment!

I like to thank:

ReAnimator (for creating the Amazones and for permission to use it)
Godzfire (for creating the Forest Giant2 and for permission to use it)
chac mol (again for patient testing and long late night discussions)

Copyright Notice:
This plugin was created with "Fear & Loathing"
The color-map was stolen (and changed) from different Bungie Maps
Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation
Copyright for all graphics by Bungie Software Products Corporation 1998
the rest was done by i.weiss 1999