"Tallow Abbey"

About this map

Tallow Abbey is a map plugin for MythII: Soulblighter. It is used for netgames on TCP/IP or BungienetTM. Tallow Abbey is a peaceful and quiet place, much like the fishing hole from the halcyon days of youth; that is until the fun begins.

There are four variants: Normal, Dark, Slugfest and Dorf Riot. Each of these will provide its own unique twist on gameplay and force you to adopt new strategies.

Tallow introduces a few unit modifications specific to this map, most importantly the Vistan Thug, which is based on the poacher as found in the hidden level "A Long Expected Drinking Party". The poacher has been modified with a secondary ability which is a mortar round (using the dwarven mortar shells).

Although this was a planned unit, Siva first released a similar unit on his map entitled "Gunslingers" which can be found at The Barron's Keep and other fine Myth related web sites.

The Vistan Thug has only 3 mortar shells, so don't waste them. The Thug is the assassin unit and your best weapon in hunting, but he does not appear in any other game types.

Tallow Abbey also makes use of the warlock (free warlocks for everyone on the light version of the map). This warlock uses the confusion spell as his secondary ability and NOT the ring of fire. The warlock is still too powerful in my mind and this version using the confusion spell makes him a bit more vulnerable.

The Dorf Riot version on the map uses two specialized dwarves taken from the conversion map Re-Apply For Carnage. There is a minelayer dwarf and the dwarven pathfinder that you should remember from Myth: The Fallen Lords. The minelayers can drop a timed mine with the special action key, and the pathfinder can call in an air strike. Make sure you don't waste these weapons tho as you only get a few shots. Many thanks to Khaavren for his work on the minelayer and letting us use it here.

The dorf riot variant also makes use of an uncontrollable sheep as your assassin unit. You have to keep him alive, but you can't control his movement, so you better stay alert to out manuever the 7 other teams on the map (that's right, there are 8 teams available on the Dorf Riot variant.)

There's lots of new experiences to be had at Tallow Abbey, we're sure you'll enjoy your stay. :^)

How to use this plugin

To use this plugin put the 'Tallow Abbey' plugin into the 'Plugins' folder found inside your 'Myth II' folder.

About Vista

Vista is a group dedicated to the production of high quality 3rd party Myth II plugins. These include new maps, units, models and virtually any editable aspect of Myth II.

We currently number eleven members, all of whom have knowledge in editing and making plugins for the original Myth. Previous work from members includes maps such as Appalachian Hot Springs, If I had a Yeti, Blunt Force Trauma, Torpidinium and the Unity gors. We have the programmers who wrote such applications as Piri Reis, Amber, and Sapphire. Four of us were also involved in the Daimyo project (now disbanded).

Go to our website for more maps along with invaluable tips and info on making your own.

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