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 Welcome to Taliesin Down Mini Page:

This map was specifically designed with two player game play in mind. Even though people, said "hey lets do a dorf riot". In my mind that wouldn't be right. Map includes 3 meshes with more units then you typical 4+ player maps. Maps include: Light, Dark and Airship. Unit include:

Air Power- Dwarven Airships, Dwarven Heroes, Zerks, Wights, Myrks, Ghols, Bowmen, Heron Guard

Light- Dwarves, Styngian Knights, Ghols, Wights, Thrall, Warriors, Heron Gaurds, Bowmen

Dark- Brigades, Banded Wasps (Chimera), Myrks, Souless, Journey Men, Fetch Priestess, Mortar Dorfs, Golem (Havre River)

Wait a minute! Airship? Did I say Airship? Yes you see that little picture over there on the left is the infamous Dwarven Air Ship, you know the one paratroopers are dropping out of etc. It sure makes things interesting. Besides the new Airship unit, it includes some of my new trees, some retextured models and oh yes the Fetch Priestess unit. Basically a well dressed, well endowed fetch. You can see the retextured models down in the little stone henge picture on the left. Also, Demosthenes, put some neat little scenery items as well as some fog in that you will enjoy. Also the return of one of our Havre River characters makes its way to the map.

Malek, our newest member has put a nice little solo together. You play the dark side, and fight to control some world knots. Turned out pretty cool. I can't wait to see if it can be beaten on Leg.


Expected Release Date: February 16th, 2001

Gl and Hf!