The Soldiers of Tyr - Solo Campaign

Table of Contents

1 - History/F.A.Q.
2 - The Heroes
3 - Credits
4 - The Legal Stuff

1. History/F.A.Q.

Where The Soldiers of Tyr Originated:
For anyone that doesn't know, (I'm assuming that will be about 99% of the people who read this) The Soldiers of Tyr was an order I started with a few of my friends back during January of '96 while playing our beloved game Myth: The Fallen Lords. About mid way through our time playing M:TFL we got close with another group of players (known as the fnords) and eventually merged for Myth II: Soulblighter, creating the long-standing order now known as Alliance (=A=).

What Made Me Start This Crazy Adventure:
Honestly, I can't remember now, maybe it'll come to me as I type. I probably should've written this sooner in developement. Well, after a number of failed attempts at scripting it left me thinking "this is too hard." A few months later I decided to give it another shot. Using Ares' Scripting Tutorial (This 0wnz) as a basis this time, I was on my way to great glory. OK, that's an overstatement I think :p. It all started with this crazy idea I had about another Deciever vs. Summoner solo, but I couldn't get it the way I wanted it, so I ended up trashing it and trying again with a sort of Shadow of the Mountain type level. During the progression of this map, I got the idea for a hero campaign. There sure aren't enough of them out there and I'm a huge fan of those kinds of mods. Shortly after I got the idea for the campaign, I started creating the new 'veterans' and their abilities before I finished the rest of the level.

Where Did These Stupid Characters Come From:
HEY NOW! They aren't stupid! Each one holds some personal meaning to me in some way, shape or form. But I will never reveal anything about that now, you called them stupid! :( (note: see below for some answers revealed.)

Why Are There Bungie Maps Included:
When I first started learning to script, I didn't have anyone to make colour maps for me, so I had to make do with what I had available. I've tried to spruce them up a little and give them new life, but they will generally still look the same. They play much differently, though! Once I had finished the third map (which is actually the second in the campaign) I was invited to join Creation, and from there I got some help from Alpha on the remaining three levels. The first three levels were already completely scripted and plotted out, so I didn't really want to redo them. I decided to leave them in but had slight modifications done to level one and two and Dozer was kind enough to give level three a refacing.

2. The Heroes

One Cheetah Red Sun:
The main character in the story as well as the narrator. Basically a cross between a normal Heron Guard and a Hero. He carries three roots and can carry up to nine. No one will know this but One Cheetah Red Sun is the name I chose for use in Bungie's Seven Phoenix Rising tournament. He was oh-so close to getting on that map, but I lost by one or two points in the semi-finals (HI KAG! :p) but who needs that now, he's got his own campaign!

One Wyrm Forest Talon:
The main character's best friend and also a cross between a normal Heron Guard and a Hero. This was Mortur's Heron name for Bungie's Seven Phoenix Rising tournament.

Ten Scrumptious Purple Moss:
The veteran warlock who once tried to get into the elite Heron Guard but failed and turned to the magicks he now wields so powerfully. He is also basically a cross between a normal Warlock and a Hero, except that his special ability is turning things into stone. This was Xap's Heron name for Bungie's Seven Phoenix Rising tournament.

The veteran Archer and good friend of One Cheetah Red Sun. Unlike the others, he is not as much of a cross-breed unit. He has better aim than a normal Archer, but fires slower than the Hero. His big advantage is that his arrows are more accurate and do more damage to their targets than normal archers' arrows. His special ability is a Stone Arrow. These arrows have been imbued by Moss so that their target will be turned to stone on contact, much like his spell, except that the arrows actually need to hit in order to turn targets to stone.

Good old Stumps™, the veteran Dwarf. His real name is unknown, even to me and requests that everyone just call him by his nickname "Stumps"™. Another cross-bred unit, his advantages include the ability to carry up to eight satchels and the fact that he can get much better with kills, unlike the normal Dwarf. Stumps™ has been around since the early times of M:TFL. I can't recall exactly when I created him but he's been The Dwarven God to me for as long as I remember :)

Brantyr of the Whistling Steel:
This guy is a super Beserker. He fights better than your normal Beserk and also has the special ability of "Beserking". This special ability makes him go into a rage of fury, hacking and slashing as fast as can be until either he or his target (usually his target) is no longer breathing. This does have its drawbacks, however. It will take him a few seconds to regain his ability to fight, and he will also lose a portion of his health for berserking. This is actually the idea of Ares. I was talking to him on CGHotline one day about Brantyr, and Ares came up with this "Beserking" ability. I did the scripting for his health loss, went over the names of all the Beserks in Myth, and thought this name fit him perfectly. And the rest is history.

3. Credits

Synapsed (aka Chad Careswell) - Brain child of the project, scripting, level design, readme, story writing, tag editting and Loathing work.
Alpha (aka Jim Stadler) - Deadly Assault, Through the Dungeon and Final Confrontation meshes.
Dozer (aka Stuart Malaske) - Death's Lagoon colourmap.
GIANT™ (aka Scott Melanson) - Postgames and multi-pregame.
Xap (aka Jamie Anderson) - Pregame maps, story revisions/editing, new world knots on Return to Covenant and Muirthemne Under Siege.
SiliconDream (aka Anton Mates) - Some tag editting.
Andrew Leman and Chris Lackey - Voice actors for narrations and in-game dialogue.
Reddek (aka John Morris) - Death's Lagoon Trees.

Also special thanks to all the beta testers involved, sorry if I can't remember everyone: Budgie, Cypher, D, Frumius Mob, Glaurung, Graywacke, Kanrui, Mortur, Reddog grr, Sir Parson, Smoke, TaxiDriver, Thumper, and Xap.

Another extra special thanks to Alpha for helping me out with the meshes. Without him this project probably never would have been finished.

4. The Legal Stuff

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this plugin, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission!

You MAY distribute this plugin through any electronic network (internet, Hotline etc.), provided you include this file and leave the plugin intact.

Copyright 2001 Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Chad Careswell,