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The Story and Level Information

In The Fallen's Vengeance Demo you play as the forces of The Tormentor. It is the War against the Fallen Lords and the Legion has just killed Bahl'al, Gilndeer the Tormentor has sent his First Shade Fulgor and his Trow General Thor on two seprate missions to recover certain 'items' that belong to Bahl'al The Watcher.

The Demo is, in a sence, a prologue for The Fallen's Vengeance story, which happens 1000 years after the events portrayed in this plugin. If you choose to look at it this way, the levels contained in this Demo are a mini-campaign within the larger campaign.

A rough level outline is as follows:

The Watcher's Rescue

The Shade Fulgor has been sent by his Master, The Tormentor to recover Bahl'al The Watcher's remains. A seemingly simple task, however, he comes across some unexpected resistance and an old enemy.

Retrieve the Watcher's Arm

Trow General Thor has been sent by his Master, Fulgor to recover The Watcher's Arm from a Beserk General known as Rolgar of Blazing Fire, who is camped at Magola Hill.

The Rebirth

You're getting no info for this, complete the first two Levels and see it for yourself!