The meshes in this plugin are designed for use with Myth 1.4 and vTFL.
They are however, entirely playable without the use of vTFL.

Many meshes have different unit sets depending on the difficulty setting used. These differences are noted on the respective game hints dialogs.


All map ports except 'Keep Across the River' by:
ChrisP, DeadMan and IronDuke.

'Keep Across the River' by:
Mormith, with vTFL adjustments by ChrisP and Iron Duke.

Original TFL version of 'Appalachian Hot Springs' by:
Shogun Rabbit of VR.

Original TFL versions of 'U2 Dorf and Ghol Riots' by:
Havok of [cb].

Original version of 'Vivid' by:
DeadMan of MIAcb.

Forest Giant unit by:

Myrmidon unit by:
Iron Duke.

Pregames for new meshes by:
Orlando the Axe.

Super special thanks to the Project Magma beta testers!
These guys spent untold hours pouring over every detail of this huge plugin to insure it wouldn't suck.

Attempts were made to contact Mormith, Shogun Rabbit, Havok and GodzFire via email to enlist their blessing for the use of their maps or units. Unfortunately, the email addresses we found were now outdated. TFL, or vTFL for that matter, just wouldn't be the same without their ground breaking and extremely popular creations.So we used them anyway, hoping they'll understand and want their work to continue to be enjoyed by the Myth community.