Myth:TFL Dark scenarios

What is it?

This file is a replacement for the tags.gor file in Myth:TFL and lets you play the single player games with Dark units rather than Light ones. The plot was changed to fit and the level titles, text and captions were changed accordingly.

You get to control all the kick-ass bad guys, such as Balor, Soulblighter and a huge army of Trow, and you'll also encounter a few units that never made it into the released version, such as Mahir, Skrael and Soulless grenadiers.

It's a lot easier than the official version and you should be just fine on heroic or legendary. It's a bit of fun rather than a serious challenge IMHO.

Who made it?

I don't know. I found it at this address but the page doesn't seem to exist any more. If anyone knows who made it, please mail me.

How do I use it?

The readme.txt in the download has full instructions. Bascially you swap it with your current tags.gor file.


I didn't create this. It's clearly a totally unofficial, unsupported hack. Use it entirely at your own risk. Under no circumstances will I be liable for any loss or damage that arises from your use of this.

All copyrights are acknowledged.


Download it (6.3MB, zipped -- works on both Mac and Windows).

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