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Thank you for your downloading "Swim in the Bottle Sea". This is a Myth II plugin file. Please put this plugin into "plugins" folder before you use this.

Swim in the Bottle Sea

August 15, 2001 Josuiken Koromoya Gengoro Nobushige

This plugin contains a multiplayer map and some related tags such as "dwarf(monster tag)","dwarf(unit tag)","dwarf bottle slow(projectile tag)" , and so on.


You are able to control unique dwarves. They can throw lit bottles as common dwarves can, but the bottles are not common bottles. The bottles the dwarves throw when you doubleclick their enemy unit will ascend as they draw a parabola, the bottles the dwarves throw when you click their enemy unit or click the ground as you hit Ctrl key will fall slower than ordinary bottles do,and the bottles the dwarves throw when you click their enemy unit or the ground as you hit T key will maintain their height and move forward very slow.
The dwarves can also pick up a small thing as ghols can, but they cannot discard it, so they can pick up only1 thing only 1 time. This means that it is useless to pick up a broken piece. Then what might they pick up? They might pick up a float bottle.

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