SpideySense is back online for the following reasons.

  1. It is needed to balance the game. It makes it better.
  2. Flamers shouldn't be allowed to dictate what is available to the Myth playing community.
  3. Visible spiders shouldn't be only for the techies and hexers. Some of whom already have them and more.

After getting my ass flambèd with words like cheater, cheap-assed, etc., I decided to withdraw SpideySense. I still feel that it adds balance to the game. (Somone said it adds balance for [ME]. Figure that out.) I don't believe Bungie intended color to be a factor in game play. Unless they speak on the subject I suppose we'll never know, but that is my belief at this time.

I am well aware of the random factors in Myth that make things not always equal. Starting positions have their strengths and weaknesses. Soulless miss, dwarves throw duds. These things change from moment to moment and game to game. The color advantage can favor one person (especially the host) for a whole series of games, or always if that player chooses not to play unless he/she is hosting (God forbid we should all take that tack). Even if we all change our colors to something that camouflages our spiders (boring), most people will still end up with garish colors that turn our spiders into neon warning signs.

One person went so far as to say that Myth is supposed to be unbalanced, siting, for example, unit selection. The ability to choose different units than your opponent does not imbalance Myth. Everyone in every game has an equal opportunity to choose their unit mix. Furthermore, a player can balance, say, a weakness in fetch handling skill with more meleè or other units. The balance Bungie acheived with this game is, in my opinion, one of it's strongest features. The fact that there is no one way to choose your unit mix is a testament to their success. Balance is good.

As for those who feel I have started a trend, I regret to inform you that I was just the first person to publicly acknowledge and share what I had done. You can be certain that there are people using similar techniques to gain an unfair advantage. Weeks ago, in fact, before any sprite editors were available, I made bright fusha-colored dwarves and satchels while experimenting with color editing (I even published a picture of them on the VR map editing forum). I played a couple of games while testing, but I realized this gave me an unfair advantage, and I removed the plugin. If this is going to be a problem, then it already is. Shoot the messenger if you will, but I feel that everyone should know what is happening and what is possible, and not just an elite group. The sooner, the better. I'll leave the information control to the NSA.

SpideySense is a sprite plugin for the Bungie game "Myth: The Fallen Lords". What it does is what you see in the picture to the right. It puts brightly colored crosshairs on spiders so you can see them better.

I created this plugin, because people with dark colors have an advantage when it comes to sneaking around over those with brighter colors. When all my soulless got killed recently by a sneaky horde of spiders, I decided to do something to even things up a bit*.

To use this plugin just drop it into the .256 folder. It's not a new monster, just new graphics for the spider, and it won't cause the game to go out of synch and it works fine with Myth 1.3.

Download SpideySense Mac

*This plugin was not created as a cheating device. It was made to level the playing field, not tilt it. If you have camouflaged spiders and have enjoyed an advantage over those of us with light colors, well, sorry. And yes, I know about, and use, the overhead map. This plugin will be most helpful when in the midst of the enemy, not out in the field where the overhead map is your best freind.

Some people have expressed outrage that I have let the cat out of the bag. Well, it's out and I'm sure I wasn't the first one to see it. If you're angry because now the masses know, rather than the elite few, then so be it. We just subscribe to different schools of thought.

Deacon Indigo

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