main: m16
melee: bayonette
special: launcher inventory:teargas
Fast and agile, these units carry m16s and can fire rocket-propelled-grenades as a special ability. They are ideal as scouting units to soften up an enemy or kill key targets. The grenades are aimed by clicking on the ground about 1/2 way to the target unless of course the target is a machine like tanks, hueys, AA or howitzers the launcher becomes accurate and all you have to do is special-key click on one of these.


main: m60
melee: punch/gun
special: nade inventory:repair, sabotage

With their unwieldy m60 machine guns these tough guys are slow movers but can really dish out the punishment. As well as being able to let loose with a hail of bullets, they have 3 speacial abilities youll need in battle to win the war. The main one, a 4 secNade, can be hurled at some distance one after another. Throw one after another to keep the enemy at bay. Now...set your inventory to Sabotage and use this special attack to dismantle and destroy enemy machinery or set inventory to Repair and you now have the ability to fix machines on your team. You can not throw nades while in sabotage or repair modes.

*Hueys must be on ground/landed to sabotage and/or repair them..


main: shotgun
melee: none
special: C4
inventory: Ammodrop, Airstrike

the Captain is the leader of your squad and can change the outcome of any war at anytime. Its main attack --the shotgun -- doesnt quit. In fact the closer an enemy is to him the more damage the enemy will take. Be warned -- as an enemy you dont want to try and melee vs the captain because youll most likely lose from a shotgun blast to the face.

Using the captain is a little tricky. The units special attack is c4 and can be used in all modes including when you have other Inventory items selected as long as the unit has a sliver of mana. To use c4 you must first "ready" the c4 explosive. To do this simply T click (special attack) yourself..after a couple secs or so an ammo icon will appear. This means your c4 is ready. You can now throw the c4 and prepare to blow it up. Once you throw c4 your captian can then T click the area near the c4 to set it off and blow up anything around it. Now remember, after you set one c4 and place/throw it on the ground you can then ready another one and throw that one before you blow up the first one you threw. So in a sense you could surround yourself with c4 and wait for the enemy to come..then T click the right c4 and blow them off the map. A c4 explosion does not set off other c4 in the area. Infact no other explosion does.You must ignite each one.

The Ammodrop does just that -- drops ammo. The plane will find the blue smoke nade and drop an ammo crate near that area. So make sure you do it in an open area and not over water as the other units wont be able to pick up ammo if they cant get to it. the Captain starts out with 5 ammo drops and cannot get anymore.

The Airstrike attack uses red smoke. Once the plane sees the red smoke it will drop the barrage of bombs from the sky. Usually the bombs are dropped in a row in line with you and the red smoke. If you become an expert with the Airstrike you can take out huge amount of enemy with one attack. As an enemy...if you see red smoke...you better run like hell. The Captain starts out with 6 airstrikes and once out of charges it will vanish from the units inventory.

Unlike the c4, the Ammodrop/Airstrike attacks use the mana bar. If you see any mana(even a sliver) you cant throw one of these attacks. Even if you have an ammo icon. So make sure you keep an eye on your mana if your going to take on the enemy or if your team is in need of ammo.

Also remember when you have airstrike or ammodrop selected in inventory and you DO have mana. You can still make up a c4, throw it, and then ignite it. Once you have become an expert with the captain and its tricky attacks you yourself could bring down the entire other team...maybe.


main: m16
melee: poison
special: heal
These use m16s and are as fast as Assault units, however their real benefit comes from their long-range and rapidly recharging healing ability. They start out with 10 medkits only so try not and heal the ground alot. A good medic may be the most important unit to winning the battles ahead...

main: grease gun
melee: slap
special: 4sec nade

Representing the South Vietnamese Army, these carry accurate and hard-hitting M30 Greaseguns and throw grenades over a short distance. While far from worthless, they are probably the least individually useful unit.


main: HMG
melee: ram
inventory: tank shell
These use a high-calibre machine cannon as their standard attack, while the special ability is a higly explosive artillery shell. Fast and tough, they take very little damage from bullets and can plow through infantry like a trow through peasants. To fire tank shells you must have it selected in inventory.

main: HMG
melee: none
special: missles
inventory: land

The Huey may be the biggest threat in SF2. It is fast and capable of dealing out lots of damage by either using the machine guns or its missle attack. When you set your inventory to "LAND" the huey can land and pick up same team infantry, peasants or POW. If you want to take off, simply set your inventory to anything but LAND and the huey will take off(even with passengers). Hueys are deadly in the hands of a player skilled in microing, however can die very quickly if they come under heavy fire.


main: artillery
melee: none
special: artilley
Very slow or even stationary on some maps these shoot explosive shells a long long way. Similar to the Assault units, you aim by clicking halfway to the target. They cannot be used against helicopters.

main: explosive shell
melee: none
special: self destrust
These have one ability only, and that is to fire anti-aircraft "flak" rounds at helicopters. If it misses the target the flak shell will still explode relatively close, making these a very effective deterrent to airborne enemies.

main: HMG
melee: ram
special: land artilley/air missles
These quick water-borne units appear on the Carnage map. As with other units they have a machine gun primary and an explosive shell as a special ability, however against helicopters they can fire guided missiles that home in on their target.

main: melee
melee: machette
special: none
Carrying machetes and hyped on communist rhetoric to the point of feeling no pain, these crazed units can charge headlong at enemy soldiers, increasing speed as they close in for the kill. Assassins replace thrall and brigands.

main: ak-47
melee: none
special: poppers
Firing short bursts from their AK47s, these elusive and annoying units like to get in close where they can throw cluster grenades at the feet of their enemies. Scouts replace Myth 2 Ghols.

main: ak-47
melee: none
special: vc nade
Using their AK47s to deadly effect, these also throw grenades over a medium range. A group of commandos is a force to be reckoned with. They subsitute for small myrkridia and mauls in Myth 2.

main: m1-sniper
melee: slap
special: popper
Useful only at long range, these shoot bullets with unerring accuracy. Once you know where they are it doesn't take much to kill them however. They replace dark bowmen.

main: mortar shell
melee: none
special: tear gas
These fire mortar shells on a steep trajectory, with the hero variant being able to shoot tear gas shells as a special ability. Their weakness is their slow speed and lack of close-in defence.

main: rocket
melee: none
special: vc nade
Firing their missiles at medium range on a fast and flat trajectory, these guys can quickly make a mess of an unprepared enemy. It only makes sense that they replace fetch.

main: rifle
melee: none
special: none
Soldiers have only one attack, firing single and inaccurate shots from their rifles. Nevertheless, like the Soulless and bre'Unor units that they replace, Soldiers can quickly become a real nuisance.

main: none?
melee: none?
special: none?
Most of the time these are ambient life, however on occasion you'll meet one that will run towards you then in close range, pull a grenade from her basket and blow up herself and everything nearby. Sometimes for added effect she'll take out a Uzi first and empty a full clip before closing in for the grenade attack.