Snake Pit Canyon v1.0

By CuriousGeorge of The Monkey House

Snake Pit Canyon is a 2 to 4 Player/Team NetGame Map for Myth II, Soulblighter. On Snake Pit you have the option to play Last Man on the Hill, King of the Hill, Body Count, Assassin, Capture the Flag and Territories. To use it drop it in the PlugIns folder inside your Myth II folder. The next time you launch Myth II and go onto BungieNet, Snake Pit Canyon will be available to you.

Snake Pit Canyon is different from the other Myth and Myth II maps in two major ways. First, it contains some extremely mountainous terrain. High ground here is HIGH GROUND. Secondly, your units can get to a GREAT DEAL of this high ground. One of the complaints I have had with many other Myth maps, both from Bungie and others is that units seemed only to be able to ‘walk around’ on relatively flat terrain. They really couldn’t climb anything, or even walk up a decent slope. No more. Put those Archers up on the summits. Use your Mortar Dwarfs to shell the enemy from the ledges. You should find that the terrain of Snake Pit Canyon would alter many of your playing strategies. For example ranged attack units have an increased importance here and they can also be kept further out of the general melee while continuing to be effective. In addition, this is one of the only Maps you will find where the use of the Journeyman is almost a necessity. There is also a fun twist to Assassin, which should make it quite a bit of fun and a fair bit more challenging.

The only downside to the mountainous terrain of Snake Pit Canyon is that Bungie’s tools; Fear & Loathing do not allow significant diversity in terrain passability. I had intended to make the heights achievable only by selected units, others would not be able to get as high and some, such as Stygian Knights, would not be able to climb much at all owing to their heavy plate armour. Unfortunately this was not possible with the time and tools at my disposal, so these finer points will have to wait until I master the depths of F&L to a greater extent or better tools show up. Never-the-less, Snake Pit Canyon has been extensively playtested on BungieNet and there have been no complaints so far concerning where units can and can not go.

Because this is my first sortie into the world of map making there is one thing that didn’t come out quite right that I want to make you aware of. This is a detail mistake and does not take away from the playability, reliability or the enjoyment of Snake Pit Canyon, but I will mention it none-the-less. At the edges of the map, if you are facing the map edge everything is fine. However, if you back your camera all the way back into the map edge you MAY get some terrain weirdness with the mountains that surround the perimeter. DON’T FREAK! All you need to do is track forward with your camera or click into the overhead map and you will be fine.

I really hope you enjoy this map. I have already started working on my second and will pass it along as soon as it is completed. I am always interested in suggestions and constructive feedback on how to make things better, the textures, unit balance, whatever. Please feel free to send them along to Thanks very much. Enjoy!

This Map and its related documents Produced with Pride on Macintosh.