A Map by Kamsar
Colormap by Magellan
Assorted ideas by *Ar-Isildur

What is SIEGE? SIEGE is a map for Myth II: Soulblighter. It pits two opposing fortresses against each other. Each fortress has a cannon and two crossbowman-towers to defend it, along with whatever regular army forces are around.
How do I install it? Installing SIEGE is easy. Simply drop the "SIEGE 110" plugin file into the "plugins" folder within your Myth II folder.
What is different in SIEGE from normal Myth II? SIEGE differs in a few ways from regular Myth. Here is a list of most of the differences:
  • Explosive weapons leave craters. These are very slight, so you can't dig huge holes.
  • Dwarf bottles have Myth: TFL physics. i.e. you can carpet bomb with them, and they will sometimes ricochet if multiple bottles land in the same area. The reliability of the bottles is the same as Myth II.
  • Ghôls of Prey. These special Ghôls appear on many of SIEGE's variants. They are standard Ghôls, with a cloaking device. The device is activated by taunting the Ghôl (it can also be reactivated this way). Cloaked Ghôls are invisible to the other team until they attack or are damaged. Your team sees a cloaked Ghôl as semitransparent. Note that any unit instructed to attack a Ghôl of Prey while it is uncloaked will continue to track it even if you cloak it. Ghôls of prey cost six trading points each, and they are disabled on most Stampede or Assassin games.
  • Cannon. These Dwarven Cannon fire solid cannonballs to long range (just past the middle of the map). Each ball shatters on impact, firing bits of shrapnel all over. A direct hit by a ball is usually fatal, however dodging them isn't that hard. The cannon has a special attack of a firebomb shell. This shell flies just like a normal shell, but on impact spreads fire over a large area. With either shell, the cannon reloads in twelve seconds. The cannon is invincible unless both Cannoneers have died (see below). Cannon are always disabled if the game is less than Heroic difficulty level.
  • Dwarven Cannoneers. These elite dwarves don't carry any bottles. They are highly trained cannoneers, with years of experience shooting at Ghôl hordes around Stoneheim. They do carry four satchel charges. At least one Cannoneer must remain inside the rock ring around the cannon, or the cannon will go inactive. If both your Cannoneers die, your cannon is knocked out.
  • Crossbowman Towers. These sandstone towers are designed to give a bowman an easy shot from a protected area. There are two archers in each tower, and they fire together in a salvo. The range and damage of tower arrows is a big improvement over normal bowman arrows. As a special attack, towers carry a combination arrow. This arrow will set the ground on fire as well as paralyze the target. This can have amusing consequences... :) Each tower has four combination arrows, and each team has two towers positioned on either side of the fortress gate. Note that what would hurt a real stone tower hurts these: arrows aren't very good, but a few dwarf bottles and kaboom. Also if you melee attack a tower, the stones that drop on your head when it dies hurt bad :) Towers are disabled if the game is below Normal difficulty level.
  • SIEGE features some semi-standard units. Expect to see Myrmidons, Skeletons, fir'Bolg (carrying a single Fever Arrow), Swineherds, and Myth: TFL Thrall (way cooler death animation) in some variants.
What is special about SIEGE's meshes? SIEGE has several features not seen in any mesh I know of. The fortresses are closer to what a real castle would be like, with only one easy entrance (right through the towers...) unlike most maps where castles have enough entrances to send whole armies storming in at once. Any section of the castle walls may be broken down with explosives to allow a less contested entry (highly recommended).

Since SIEGE excels in CTF, I made some of the netgames more CTF-like. For example, in KOTH each team has a flag somewhat close to their base (outside tower range however). I have set the units up so who gets the initial lead is essentially random. The objective is to drive the enemy team out of contesting their flag, while holding your flag. It's pretty fun!

This really isn't special, but I changed all the units' names to stuff from various (Greek, Norse, Hawai‘ian) mythology, among others (look at the wights...hehe). This includes all standard Bungie units. It also makes SIEGE incompatible with any tagset that modifies Bungie standard units. This includes WW2: Titans, Bushido, and 1861: Civil War. If there is demand for tagsets I might consider removing this feature.

What kind of variants are there in SIEGE? SIEGE currently has six variants: three light, three dark. Each variant is loosely based on a previously released mesh. Many meshes have extra units on Legendary difficulty (such as a Myrkridian Giant, Journeyman, and several normal Ghôls on Flirting in the Fen). The variants are:
  • Death in the Desert. This mesh is similar to the Bungie map The Desert Between Your Ears. It has both PreyGhôls and normal Ghôls.
  • Munging Muirthemne. This mesh is similar to the light variant of The Great Divide, with Heron Guards as primary meleé. Skeletons replace GD's Brigands, to balance play more.
  • Dusting the Dunes. This mesh is similar to nothing. It features a huge Ghôl (standard Ghôls) and Journeyman riot, with fir'Bolg and Dwarven Heroes. Eight Wights are included for pus on Legendary. Darn fun :)
  • Fugitives in the Fen. This mesh is fairly similar to the Bungie map Drowned Empire.
  • Flirting in the Fen. This mesh is Myth: TFL If I Had a Trow..., but with Ghôls of Prey.
  • Fighting in the Fen. This mesh is similar to Myth II's If I Had a Trow..., but with Heron Guards (NOTE: without heals!) replacing Mauls.
Are there any known problems? Yes, unfortunately. Melee units sometimes "bounce off" the towers while attempting to attack them. This is apparently a limitation of the Myth II engine, and is related to the sprite size. Small numbers of melee tend to bounce less, and Trow rarely bounce.

Also there is occasional funkiness around the water edges. This doesn't effect the game in any way, and you probably wouldn't even see it unless you were looking for it.

Who should I contact if I have problems, suggestions, flames, etc. about SIEGE? You can e-mail me (Kamsar) if you have an issue involving anything not covered below.

E-mail Magellan if you have an issue involving the colormap, passability, or heights.

E-mail *Ar-Isildur if you have an issue with the darn TFL physics or if you wanna tell him you think he sux for wanting cloaked wights in SIEGE (:P)

The latest update to SIEGE can be found on WPHL (Wolfpack Hotline) @ or on the Mill.

Version History 1.1: Fixed another stupid scripting bug that caused a team to never be completely eliminated by having no units. Added the ability to disable towers and/or cannon using difficulty levels, as cannon tend to cause long boring camping sessions in CTF if the time is long - nobody wants to cross into the enemy's cannon range! Tweaked underwater heights so wights don't peek out for opportunistic cannon headshots. Added reverb properties to meshes. Tweaked colormap with Loathing so small hills are much more detailed (applied lighting effects).

101: Fixed stupid scripting error that would cause the cannon to behave erratically if both Cannoneers were alive but one was outside the circle. While fixing this, discovered and fixed another related bug that could allow Cannoneers to be outside the circle but still operate the cannon. Also fixed the Phantom Wight bug on Dusting the Dunes.

1.0: First release distributed in any amount outside the Wolfpack. New, much improved pregames.

1.0pr1: Many improvements over previous releases. First version where everything pretty much worked as planned. Fixed invincible cannon bug.

  • Magellan was always ready to help, and criticize a few additions I made that would detract from the map's replay value (the craters used to get idiotically deep). His mad color map/displacement map skeelz really helped this map along.
  • *Ar-Isildur was always making suggestions of the type Magellan would later point out as detractions from the map's value. A few of his jokes...er ideas were good, though :)~
  • SilverBrin**** was usually around to crack silly jokes and yell "PAHAHAHAHAWWWW!" after making cyberwulf say something stupid.
  • cyberwulf, the intrepid WPHL bot, is generally a laugh riot.
  • My crazy beta testing team (green people were only involved in release version testing): Magellan, *Ar-Isildur, SilverBrin****, Shaka, macsteve, Lina Inverse, Ranulf, Knight Hawk, Zedo, SteelClasher, Killer Klown, Saruman, and a few other people.
  • Stuff that rulez:
    • Macs
    • Photoshop
    • Amber
    • Fear
    • Loathing
    • DeBabelizer
    • Installer VISE
    • Crystal Method
    • Napster
    • Cookies
    • Debugging >:)
    • King Alric saying "UNGH!"

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