SE is a map with meshes for 2, 4 & 6-team games. Varying unit-sets battle in the setting of a valley that has sustained geological upheavals of varying levels. These upheavals have left the valley with a meshwork of trails & plateau's which over time have became crude roads of sorts. Utilizing these strategic locations & effectively navigating the map can greatly enhance your control over your opponents & your success.

    IF MULTIPLAYER ISN'T YOUR THING, a fully developed SOLO MESH is also included, with an engrossing story & original artwork - lead The Lost Company of Gower on their campaign to retrieve a standard of Gold hidden somewhere on the map. Fetch's, Undead & Shades tend to make this challenge one that requires multiple try's on it's varying levels.

    NOTE: the meshes on this map offer not only different team numbers on each map, but also feature different numbers of units on each map. If one mesh has more units than your personal taste likes, please try another mesh. Our favorites seem to be the modified Slugfest as well as the basic SE mesh with TRO.



Annals of the Mercenary Company of Gower
Volume Seven
Sunday, August Fourth

It has been nearly sixty years since our company forefathers were chased from Gower by Alric's men, and now only a handful of the "old crew" remain to tell that tale. The company has changed greatly over the years. Where we were once a mighty mercenary army, selling our services for mounds of gold taller than a man could stand. We have since been reduced to scrubby band of thugs; a pitiful collection of desperate individuals content to eek out a living beyond the edge of all.

Since our exile, the east has yielded nothing but barren scrublands and vast deserts,. We have survived only by selling our services to Barbarians rich enough to make it worth our while, that is, until now. Just ten days ago, we came upon a city of which the likes we had never seen. It's walls were made of pure bronze and dwarfed even the greatest constructions of our world in both size and beauty. Upon approaching the gate, we were invited into the city itself, which was built completely of gold, even the poorest homes boasted enough wealth to purchase an entire kingdom.

The Captain and I were brought to the palace which bristled with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds that cast rainbows which seemed to frolic playfully in the long open halls. After feasting on the exotic, yet delicious fruits and vegetables this land had to offer, we were brought before the king, who seemed more inclined to hang us than feed us. Fortunately, I had picked many languages up on our travels, and managed to find one of the black skinned warriors we had encountered on our way serving the mighty monarch. Through this translator, I was able to explain how we were mercenaries, willing to rid him of his enemies if he would pay us a large amount money. This caught his attention, and he immediately promised us as much gold as we could carry if we could return the cities' flag from the clutches of Cronous.

But Cronous did not turn out to be a local crime-lord, or even a rival lord. He was a Sorcerer who had lived since the dawn of time. For centuries, he had attacked this glorious city, seeking to take it and the riches it contained, but had always been thwarted by the great bronze walls. However, it was not the lofty, stalwart walls who kept him out, indeed no mortal construction could ever stop such a sorcerer, but the runes which adorned it. These runes were activated by the cities golden flag, which when placed upon the highest battlement created a sort of magic dampening field, nullifying all magic around the city and thus, foiling Cronous's plans to sack it. However, just a few days before our arrival, a traitorous thief stole the standard, and delivered it to Cronous who was at this moment, summoning an army of his dark creations to destroy the city once and for all, if the standard was not recovered soon, all would be lost.

The Prince and his people claim that they cannot assist us on our mission as their weapons are to primitive to be of any use. Frankly, I suspect that their weapons are far superior to ours, and that we are once again doing other's dirty work. However, this time, I do not mind, for if we succeed, we will have enough gold to gather an army so great that we could topple the Cath Bruig empire itself.

At dawn, we depart for a land marred by Cronous' rage, a land known only as Shattered Earth, may Wyrd have mercy on our souls.

Following along with the Creation philosophy of providing Players with as much playing fun as possible, we have also included a SOLO LEVEL within this map which will allow you to experience the maps features along with a custom short-story setting the stage for the solo level. Our thinking at Creation is that this allows a player to experience our maps even before they find another player or players to fight on

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