This plugin has two co-op maps. Rurik Tales and Gonens Run. You will need to do "shift-click + new game" in order to play them for the first time.


Rurik Tales:

Defend Rurik on a hill. Rurik makes all sorts of bone-headed decisions, but you got to protect him anyways.


Gonens Run:

Race ghols against an enemy duff around a track with many obstacles. There is one co-op map with a fair amount of scripting.... and a multi-map with only a little scripting.


I made Gonens Run when I was learning scripting. Rurik Tales has a lot more scripting. Many units are modified. A few of them are splattery thrall, a journey man who digs for heals, animal abusing archers and others. If you were one of those folks who were testing the maps with me, you will need to delete your old gonens run and rurik plugins. This is because they will conflict with the combined one given here.

Special thanks to Zyro the Dark Elf for the "Zys Trio Plugin Pack" which the duffs were derived from. Be sure to get the Trio pack as we play co-op with it often and is a lot of fun. 


Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing.