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to get solos to work you have to hold shift key when seleting single level maps or new game.

This is a conversion to myth 2 of the original Crows Bridge from Myth {the fallen lords} with a few extra tweaks ,youll notice them if you played the old version and if not then oh well its more funn anyway :).For some added fun i added a special that can be activated by killing the target dumming it will release more dark units that will attck at once and also give re enforcements to light .

When playing off line you get the story line like the other Myth 2 single levels but it dont work first time when you start M2 but will when second game starts {some bungie thing},i didnt add the movie {smk file} because it would have added another 5 mb to the plug.

comments and other stuff email me at aka Flummox

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